Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 27 May 2012

This Week, I did a little bit more peeking than usual, especially in the Figurine part, which I do a little main point on Figurine with their own room space.

Mada's Figurine Report 21 May 2012 

Figurines also need their own space or room too, and some do have their own pride of having accessories with them, and even I go a little way off the path and cover a little of having a Figurine having their own Cafe too.

There are Cafe/Restaurant which had figurines on the store to show case too.

And as I cover some Anime/Manga for this week, I follow-up with some Guns;

Both are considered new series in Anime, though their Manga were released earlier with Jormungand ended this early year too.

For Guns Lover, this 2 new series would surely catch the sparkly eye, and even I take a few re-peeking again, since Upotte is very interesting, while Jormungane is really actio-packed.

I did went out for a little peeking around and notice some new game which were released around this week, and My itchy little fingers want to touch them.

That is why I always wash them before I go and buy them, thus reason to why I say I grab stuffs with my clean hands

Both are considered as 3-D games, and it depend on whether one want some nice game which is healthy to both Ear and Eye, or Some monster killing with some bloody skills.

As much as I would want to go for both, Black Rock Shooter Wallet will kill me first before I can touch the money.

Despite so, it not like Riding on a Bike would give me a edge to escape from her canon though.

And since June is just only next week, I sure there are many who are looking forwards to AFA Malaysia too.

If I stay at KL Malaysia, I wouldn't mind cycling to the place myself, but for now, what have you been planning for your coming month?

Well, Enjoy yourself is the most important thing though, Good day to all ci~

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