Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ensuring some little changes

Currently, I am doing some details in my blog, and still working on it, but I will still continue to blog on some anime for this week.

This time I am trying to add Drop down menu, to replace some of the side menu for easy reference.

But since some of the code in Blogger trash with some coding, I need to do it slowly and carefully. And to think that even the font size can make some code gone haywire.

It sure been some time since I fully working back on Html Coding since my last work on Cynote.

Going to keep some thing simple for now, since I mentioned that I am going to do some review on some Anime, be it old or new.

But there are just too many to choose from, but I got my fair bit of list for now.

There are many recommendation for the anime, but it depend on the genre and each person reference. But even so, Anime are still very good, even watched by all ages too.

Well, I will try to blog more review as much as I can, since my driving lessons are nearing conclusion, and my driving test is probably be some when in June; if I pass the final written test.

Gotten some stuffs around, so there will be some clearing in my blog and my room, which mean there will some little changes made.

But don't really changes much overall though, since I only making it simple and easier, but I still need to maintain them as much at the same time.

As for now, I'm giving my computer a rest for now, while I go on to rearrange my bookshelf, and repacking some old stuffs.
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