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Anagle Mole

Alt Name - Anagle Mole

Author - Fukuchi Tsubasa
Published in Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan

Manga - Chapter 1 - 24 [Oncoming]

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Strong Powerful being afraid of Weak human, this is something new which catch my sparkly eye; let take a little peek on this Manga for now.

Somewhere in the United States, lie a secret hidden cave in the nose of Abraham Lincoln at Mount Rushmore, which lead all the way to the underground near to the center of the earth.

Powerful being call "Majin" live underground, hidden from Human due to fear, and never dream of invading the 'Above' ground due to their limited knowledge on Human, which are always misleading or misunderstood.

Story started with a young Majin called Luchiru, who volunteered to go to the above ground to collect and gather information and weakness on the human.

But one main thing which always cause Luchiru to trample in fear, is due to all the misunderstanding and misleading knowledge and information given to him, prior to the start of the events, which is the main key to why Majin do not invade the human, despite their power.

Majin are, in this story, being with powerful abilities call "Majin Gram" which Human lack.

There are many different type of skills, but let touch on that later.

Luchiru, on his secret missions, was actually on no danger initially due to his power, but interestingly, despite his power, he still afraid of the human.

He was also ban from using Majin Gram, to prevent from being found out about his identity, though what he did in the first chapter is more than enough to proof that he not human.

When he reached the above ground, somehow he manage to get to Japan (From United State....) and gotten some money to take a train from Narita to Oyama.

Don't guess or even think about him take a plane, since there no passport for him, though it still possible that he take it...

Good thing on this is that though his close relationship with his "Home-stay" family, which he was ordered to monitor and study them to know their weakness; he come to understand that Human are weak without abilities like their.

As he experience all the things and stuffs which a normal human would take for granted, he enjoyed it to the fullest.

But things don't according to his initial plan; unknown to him, he was a normal 'Stone' ready to be disposed after his mission.

As he realized the truth as he was nearing to his completion of the spying mission, he decided to go against his own kind, in order to protect his 'Family', who took care of him.

This, in overall, summarized the start to the first arc of the story, and for now, let peek into the family first.

First off from the Kusanagi family; (Chars @Wikia)
Kind-heart but easily Hot-temper Grandfather Seijuurou,
Caring Mother Towako,
Eldest Son "Unknown" Older Brother (appear as flashback),
Caring but easy get angry Eldest daughter Chiwa,
Kind, but very rude Second Son Kyousuke
and lastly the third and youngest, the Hot-Justice Son, Makoto.

I must say that the author make good use of example in this family, since to due to some points; their outrageous behavior, but yet kind and caring at the same times.

This is what moved Luchiru to go against his own kind, as he wish to protect them, despite the family learning the truth about his mission to spy on them initially, but still care for him as one of their family.

Luchiru did gotten angry when Kyousuke got attack from another Majin who appear to dispose of Luchiru in the first place, and having Chiwa kidnapped later, and ready to send to Luchiru's homeland to be experiment on.

Before I forgotten, Majin Gram, is an abilities unique to each individual Majin, with the ranking of "Rare" to "Stone".

One can make thing soft and jelly, while another can fly, but despite that, the Majin got one weakness, and that is the ear-muff thingy which cover their ear, which is like their life.

Luchiru is considered as the 'Weakest', which make me think him as the same as Naruto too. Well, many other Majin are surprise at Luchiru's power later on.

I would recommend you to take a little peek , and see how things can go above and under the ground in the World of Anagle Mole. (*w* )b
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