Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 15 May 2012

If you want to learn from Gina to do some Anime shopping (@Danny Choo), you can just head over to AmiAmi (@Jp | @Com).

Otherwise, you can just read along, and for now, let peek into the ranking of today over at AmiAmi.

And coming top is Ms Date Wingfield Reiko from Fault!! (@Amiami | @Eng)

Although I can't seem to see Ai Saeki in any ranking for now. (@Amiami | @Eng)

The 2 figurines are in the very Strong Fans services point in which you can get very extreme nosebleed.

But what make Reiko Complete Figurine different is that you can "dress" her, so you can really "strip" her.

There are many different Girl Figurine in Swimsuit, but as far as the pictures can show, it seem like the details is far from any.

If you are interested in some other, you can check Sena Kashiwazaki in her swimsuit too.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

Otherwise the Limited Edition of Manaka Komaki in her white swimsuit is good to grab with your clean hand too. (@Amiami | @Eng)

Problem on the white version, is that it only white and it limited edition, but it still good, though I would refer the Reiko, since her got more detail and appeal, which make a very good showcase in any room too.

Miki Hoshii and Makoto Kickuchi are coming into a set with their complete figurine.

Miki (@Amiami | @Eng)
Makoto (@Amiami | @Eng)

But do note they are taking a different flight (different release date). Still, they are on pre-order list, so they are up for grab.

And they are very nice to come as a set too to be showcase on, since they are both from Idol Master.

If you noted, there are many figurine in their swimsuit, which also seem to led to another question which is weird but true: "Why do Girl dare to bare a bit when they are the beach/pool?"

Well, the main Castor from Fate/Extra seem to dare to bare a little bit, and she one of my favorite characters in Fate series too.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

She one cheerful little fox girl who will be very nice and she do make a nice pose and ready to take a photo with anyone too.

Of all the 3 three Servants story in Fate/Extra, she is one who cheer the most, Saber and Archer don't smile much.

But Saber Lily does! (@Amiami | @Eng)

Laura in her Schwarzer Regen shown is on pre-order list. Though Cecilia in her blue tear is sold out.

(@Amiami | @Eng)
(@Amiami | @Eng)[Soldout]

One can play with many different action with this nice figma, but beware of her cannon, since it is very deadly, as shown in the Anime.

But standing in line with her is Eila with her rifle.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

Best not to anger them, otherwise there will be hole in weird part of your body. But it would be nice to ask them before catching them in photo though (*w* ;;)

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