Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OVERSLEPT>>>>>but still go out ~-~''

today i overslept and wake up dam late =-=''

and i all tired cant do anything much at all...

anyway that nth much to say at all too XS

so today dun want to talk much anyway ~_~''

but lucky i buy 1 new manga and that is
Airantou vol 11 XD

anyway it more on the priest Machi story
so it not really much but i do like the small part where suzu trying to trick ikuto to bath with her and frend by force XD

ok dun spoil too much XS

but for today ....
is just bored by doing some work onli ~_~'''

now go play some game anyway...
tired of maple for now....
maybe play Nero...

Dun Care heck care anyhow care for today ....

So rly so bored n tired to blog thing about today ler =-=''

here what the word "MIC" can mean...
>Must i come(m can be "may" )
>mother is coming!
>mum is Crazy !
>MUM! I CASTRATED!(just joking XS)


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going out alive...coming back death...

today early morning go out to hang out with frends, ray n other...
morning so alive
but come all tired like a death man zzz

we just out to play at the beach la XD

but not long after we go there it rain zzzz
so eat some snacks...
should be call lunch instead...-_-''

when the rain stop and
the Sun is Out!! =-=''

Monday, October 29, 2007

So Tired, So Full and so going to Sleep

i so tired but ready to sleep cos i going out tml
i so tired after doing some assignment ba
my elearning ...
make me more sian....

but dun care le

also today i cook curry udon and of cos
my dad eat alot XD

he just say ....

go do more cooking and i sure u be a chef den a game programer =-=''

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time to do thing but for today.......

today i been checking on some thing and that is
to do assignment zzz

but for now i need to slack but a least got done some of the coding and for now wait zzz

anyway that is nothing but for at least i play a while before might going out...
and my sis going out with her bf and my parents going to visit my mum's mum =S

so i alone at home and have to do some home Chores XD
y i like a maid anyway zzz

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time to get ready and still tired and slacking ~-~

now it not ,of course, the time to slack la
but at least i playing NeRo

and i like it and i got lucky today XS
but in maple i got ks until i change to other game ~~

dota ler?

sian ler dun want to play tt ~_~
cos got leaver halfway =-=

Friday, October 26, 2007

too tired but good day (~_<)

today i so tired that i dun want to go for lesson at all

and i should have done that!

but for now my computer is now on RISK!

man i hate when computer cant work! but i cant do much at all!!

just hate it to those fu*ker son of a B*tch virus makers!
is it no life to make those?

Hell Yes and i hate it when my lappy hate to reformat after a virus make my lappy errors and the anti-virus cant help much....

but to check my computer got over 1000 errors zzzzz

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is 1 so tired each day?

for today i am soooo tired... ~_~"

i like want go and sleep instead of doing things le and i be after writing this

anyway Chuang yi Comic have released out new books and tsubasa vol 16 is finally out!

althought it so late but at least i can give them credits for finally released this out, i do hope they can released other vol fast too like D-Grayman and Pokemon Adventure and Yu-Gi_Oh R

anyway naruto sip 31 and D-gray man vol 54 eng sub anime is out in cruchyroll and go check them out!

there are some new anime but i only watch for fun XS
but i hope they get better in storyline

anyway tml i need to do some presentation slide and later i go and slp le

just dun care heck care and anyhow care le

just present it and let it be done XD

k dun say too much le

and tell u all something...

MC~~> medical cert.... MUST COME! (even if u sick =x)
DC~~>Dis-Connect....Don't Come!(so dun connect XP)
DAY~~> Dun Alway Yawn (o_O)?


Monday, October 22, 2007

Aiyo! i am soooo tired~~~~!

ok not really so tired but omg i going to sleep after this le

first i do hope my frends are ok after i learnt that they eat sushi with a hell lot of wasabi...
can can tahan(hold) the japan chilli XD

anyway i can tahan and i do hold out with another group to eat sushi...
why i got another more group of frends?....

i do thing with the group who are good on some other things.... cos the 4 of us can tahan the wasabi....but 1 can tahan until he can eat just the wasabi -_-''

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New game to play? Try this OUT!

Hi all and i think u all may think what is this?
while the site is a forum site anyway but it is Raranak on-line.

Dun be surpise, but this server is in california and i from singapore. sure u may think why i dun play the local 1. but try this out la! the connection is good anyway and since it high-rate, while you might like this!

Am i crazy to say this?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

OMG!!!! I just tooo dam tired!!!!

OK!!! finally done 2 of my assignment, so i "DUN CARE HECK CARE AND ANYHOW CARE!!"
but now my frends like to say "Dun care Heck care" XD


when it come to arcade racing" Midnight Max. Tune" i was abit headache as i not very on manual gear, but my frends say dun use auto, they are fu*king slow! so i use manual, but it take just a few sec to get use to it anyway XP.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New words u still need to look out!

ok here are some words one have to look out, not becos they are a word, but they are words in short form!!!

*DOTA(Defence of the Ancient)==> Doing Over Time Assignment
*Maple(Story)==>Mightly Apple Pawned Loony Elephant
Jewel==>Joining Elephant Washing Elephant Lesssons
PIG==>Pathenic Idiotic Gathering...
PIG==>Playing Idiotic Games( u might use this to scold people but say it when they are playing games, that is)
Table==> To Able Be Living Enternally(my frend ask me y i want to live so long which is to tease on me using table as part of a ign)
*IGN==>I Going Netherworld
Fan==>Four Ant Nest!! (Fu*k! Amy Next!)
PassWord==> Passing a Secret Smelly Water Over Richard's Dish( dun ask me who richard is )
Busy==> Buying Unusual Smelly Yak...( so dont sak "i busy" ^.^)
Busy==> Buying Used Smelly Yorgert (erm.. this is a bit off)
Chairs==>Coming Home Already Is Really Sad

also in Singapore, the 5 poly( SP, NP, NYP, TP and RP) all are affected in tests.
here to show u why**

*SP==> Sure Pass
*NP==>Never Pass
*NYP ==> Not Yet Pass
*TP==> Temporary Pass(how sad if they pass for a while to find out they fail later
*RP==>Recently Pass(they know their result at a later time zzz)

(*although i dun rly mean to say the words but i only saying the words for fun in short-form)
(**i am not insulting the school short-term name)

anyway i too tired to think much and i going off to sleep(~_~)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Too long never post don't mean too lazy to post

Each days passing...
one can say one busy time is when they choose not to do thing early yet is last seconds works...
for now is assignment 1st.. do fast now so one can play later more...
anyway when alot of japan anime end... so mean a lot of new are coming.... but i can see they are more abit of soft porn ...yet i prefer not to see for now.. i still on manga and songs... finally going to read finish d-gray man ..

Also believe it or not .. there is call King of the Jews by the name for Jesus...
but dun listen or try to understand this at all... it just too bad to understand if u know the words...but u can go to to check anyway lol .. u can check what are the meaning for the jesus too... cos it make me shock ...

for each day now is just busy doing school works ... i cant stress out much if i got to works le..
but at least trying to relax now by "Dun Care, Heck Care, Anyhow Care" just work for me if i get too stress out zzz

for now my bad feeling i been having sure is having it effect ... to see the one i should not have T-T ... cos i somehow think like i was not a nice person during my sec. life zzzz
...anyway having raining days sure is cool~~

for now first thing 1st....
Dun Care, Heck Care, Anyhow Care....
let do our thing each days and let them pass~~~

Good Day To All(~.<)(")

Mad Dal Walker ==> On the path of Dark and Light...