Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time to do thing but for today.......

today i been checking on some thing and that is
to do assignment zzz

but for now i need to slack but a least got done some of the coding and for now wait zzz

anyway that is nothing but for at least i play a while before might going out...
and my sis going out with her bf and my parents going to visit my mum's mum =S

so i alone at home and have to do some home Chores XD
y i like a maid anyway zzz

but for now just dun care le...

anyway is not like i going to do any thing at all

but for now the weather is sooo nice XS

Dice = Do i Carry Elephant?....NO!
Use = Usually Sight Eatery.....
Fan = Fu*king Are Nagger?(erm this is abit off, so dun nid to noe ^~^)
VCD = Very Crazy Dogs! XD

and y many like Singapore?
cos SG is "So Good!"

but anyway poly e-learning is going to be busy although i going out on tue with my class XS

yet let relax but still need to study 1st
cos after this week it going to be test week X(
Heck care le XP

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