Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New words u still need to look out!

ok here are some words one have to look out, not becos they are a word, but they are words in short form!!!

*DOTA(Defence of the Ancient)==> Doing Over Time Assignment
*Maple(Story)==>Mightly Apple Pawned Loony Elephant
Jewel==>Joining Elephant Washing Elephant Lesssons
PIG==>Pathenic Idiotic Gathering...
PIG==>Playing Idiotic Games( u might use this to scold people but say it when they are playing games, that is)
Table==> To Able Be Living Enternally(my frend ask me y i want to live so long which is to tease on me using table as part of a ign)
*IGN==>I Going Netherworld
Fan==>Four Ant Nest!! (Fu*k! Amy Next!)
PassWord==> Passing a Secret Smelly Water Over Richard's Dish( dun ask me who richard is )
Busy==> Buying Unusual Smelly Yak...( so dont sak "i busy" ^.^)
Busy==> Buying Used Smelly Yorgert (erm.. this is a bit off)
Chairs==>Coming Home Already Is Really Sad

also in Singapore, the 5 poly( SP, NP, NYP, TP and RP) all are affected in tests.
here to show u why**

*SP==> Sure Pass
*NP==>Never Pass
*NYP ==> Not Yet Pass
*TP==> Temporary Pass(how sad if they pass for a while to find out they fail later
*RP==>Recently Pass(they know their result at a later time zzz)

(*although i dun rly mean to say the words but i only saying the words for fun in short-form)
(**i am not insulting the school short-term name)

anyway i too tired to think much and i going off to sleep(~_~)

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