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A Certain Scientific Railgun S (Season 2)

To Aru Kagaku No Choudenjihou S
A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Creator - Kazuma Kamachi

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Series -


To Aru Kagaku No Choudenjihou
A Certain Scientific Railgun

Drawn by Motoi Fuyukawa
Published in Dengeki Daioh, ASCII Media Works
8 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai
Written by Seishi Minakami

Studio - J.C.Staff

Season 1

Music by Maiko Iuchi
24 Episodes [Completed] + 1 OVA

Season 2
Claimed 24 Episodes [3 Episodes so far]

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I not going to say too much on this, since the Manga did show a lot of what going to happen next.

The story plot is finally heading toward the original story in which both the Light Novel and Manga had reveal many moon ago.

At Season 1, they did add in a filler arc, in which this sequel decided to continue from that part, where all the sleeping children are awakened and undergoing training to get back to their social life. But about time it showing the original Arc; Sister Arc.

Those who watched the Original story, Toaru Majutsu no Index, will know what happened, Railgun trying to stop Accelerator and thinking of getting herself killed, only to have Touma the "Weakest Hero" to stand in and save the day.

But the Side story isn't about that in the Certain Scientific Railgun story. It started with Misaki Mikoto learning about the truth of the Sister Project, and during that part which she trying her best to stop the project.

Now the Anime is showing the early stage of the whole story, but there is a twist between the original story and Anime.

As due to the filler arc, there were some changes in the plot and additional of Anime-only Characters, so one cannot think the anime will be showing the same thing as the Manga and Light Novel, but in the end the Plot will be heading down the same path anyway.

Also, as the original Certain Magical Index did not show much on the 7 Level 5 User, this Side story did show 2 of the Level 5, and of course both are girls who seem to have some ties with Misaki.

Reason being was that though Misaki is the third Level 5, she is however rank the first among the girls as the first two are male.

I was expecting and wishing and praying that when the Anime come out, it will be showing and heading on what the Manga shown, and good thing it really did.

I would lost a bet with someone when I said that the Anime will be heading with the Sister Arc.

Well, a close save for me, but what so great about the Sister Arc in this Sequel is that unlike the original plot which shown in Toaru Majutsu no Index, it all started with Misaki, and it will be her as the Main Character, not Touma but he will be appearing later on to help Misaki.

He is the only one who defeated both the Accelerator and Railgun first in the whole story. I will cried if they decided to show a different plot, which will make this a different story.

However, having a Level 0 defeating a Level 5 sure got it funny way when Misaki wasn't able to defeat Accelerator despite both being a Level 5. Don't worry if the Anime decided to follow the Manga first, Misaki and Accelerator will have their fight.

The Side Story, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, will be showing more on what happened before Touma learnt of the Sister's Project and the fight between him and Accelerator.

The first Arc of this sequel, Sister Arc, sure got me Sparkly Eye all Activated when I noticed the part where they are heading in Episodes 2 of the Season 2.

Yes, the starting part, people finding of the free money in back alley was the first part of the whole story, where Accelerator is not able to have a fight with the Misaki Sister. The project was supposed to be a secret, and since I peeked into the Manga before, I got the rough idea of what was coming.

Those who know of the Sister Arc in the original story will be expecting more of what actually happened on Misaki Mikoto part, before the story heading toward the part which was shown in the original; the fight between Touma and Accelerator.

I got a rough Idea of what the later Arc might, since they show one of the Level 5. And I do hope they will be showing that Arc later on, since I really got bored of waiting for the next Manga chapter.

Well, the side story did tell, so one can expect something, but I do not know how the story will go.

The one who making this Anime are the one who know, and I would hate it if they going to add in more filler than one expecting. The first episode was a filler anyway, but a good start from what I see.

The problem of linking the original story with this side story was a headaches due to the filler, still what I can say is that the story Railgun started out more early and this Sister Arc was the early stage on the Original.

I wonder how long did I waited for the hope of Railgun having a Season 2 and to show the Sister Arc on Misaki's view. This Sister Arc may be a little longer than the original Arc, and don't think the story will the same as the original though. But I can expect the fight between Weakest Level 0 and Strongest Level 5 will be the same.
But from what I see, they might spice it a little, or just cut it off. One can't expect more, nor less since only waiting for the next episodes will tell more.

From what I peek into the Manga before, I can surely said that the ending of Sister Arc was more better than what I peek into the original on Touma's view.

Remember one thing about Certain Scientific Railgun, it a side story of Toaru Majutsu no Index where the main character is the Railgun and whatever she did, is different from Touma. I really wonder how the Creator was able to show the part where Misaki wasn't around Touma and going to having this side story.

When Touma is doing his own stuff in saving the world, Misaki is at the Academy City saving her friends.

As far as I peeked, do you want to help out A Certain Scientific Railgun in her quests?
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