Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walking and bit of Talking Session

I can't talk about the first place in my yesterday Walking Session, but what I do know is that the weather not been very nice for this few days.

Also, Walking around isn't going to cut it off, which is why I did have my own fun of talking to other people too.

Well, the topic must click first otherwise it will be awkward.

First one was a little meeting with friends and colleagues whom I worked with, so of course the memories were kind of happy when we think about it.

I really wonder what and how much I changed, since I don't go see myself in the mirror everything. And I was on a little diet for the few day, just to lost some more weight.

Which was why I been on a few walking session myself. Sometime with friends and sometime alone.

But going alone got it points, as I can talk with some other strangers. I even had a nice chat with the people at the Anime Shop over in Bugis.

I sure got a good time talking about Figurines to even the Variety Show Running Man with them. You don't get to talk much about stuffs you like with some strangers in Singapore. Well, some tend to keep quiet about their favors, but I find it interesting to about common stuffs with other people and knowing about their thoughts.

Well, if I got my friends over, and the topic don't click, I think they just show a blank face and try to listen to no value. But not all of my friends having that problem, just that sometime one need one common topic to get click, and need to be more open in stuffs.

Well, I got that problem myself, which I tend to keep quiet too. But I wonder how Sakura Miku will be talking to the Snow Miku.

I personally like Sakura Miku since it so cute, but my Imouto like Snow Miku more, since she like the color.

Talking for too long also let me forgot about time too, just like how I been peeking into Light Novels myself.

Well, there just too many volumes at the moment which I like to continue on reading and forget about stuffs. As for now, time to go back into peeking, before I got some other stuffs to do.
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