Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 4 April 2013

Let take a simple peek at a anime stuffs for this week, and knowing what and how good they are for decoration. There are a few different preference, and they are easy to know about.

One is decoration and liven up the spot, second would be good for the peeking eye and last would be that they are nice.

The simple one to be very common around many people would be poster. They don't need to be of Anime type, since many Hollywood Movie have their promotion poster.

For many Anime and Manga and Light Novel Lover, having some anime good which got their favor characters on it is a good sign. There are many who just grab and paste the poster of their favor anime etc. on their hiding spot wall.

Another type of Poster would be the Scroll where you can just hang them up, especially at the back of the door with the Life size version.

Wall Scroll @Amiami
-Kayoko & Yuki
-Sera & Mikoto


Koiiro Sora Moyou
-Kayoko Kanou
-Mikoto Itou
-Shizuna Utsumi
-Aya Hattori
-Sera Shinohara

Shukufuku no Kane no Ne ha, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni.
-Maria Ootori
-Urara Shinonome
-Saya Kitazono
-Kanon Nishikujyo

B2 Side Long
-Shin Janryumon

Of course I got a few wall scroll in my collection, which I remove them current as I going to paste up some normal wall paper first. Those cute characters need to Tahan(endure) for a few week for me to set up the wall paper. At the least I can wash the wall easily for now.

But having Life style character at your hiding spot is a good thing, and they are common place at the back of the door, which is very hardly to be seen. Some just hand them anyway, and including of the ceiling.

But if you want to bring your favor character out for a Walking Session, and must be very close to you that many other peekers will notice you; try a Scarf Towel.

Scarf Towel @Amiami
Date A Live
-Touka Yatogami
-Kotori Itsuka
-Tobiichi Origami

They are soft to the touch and will warm you up nicely if you're on a very cold walking session. For Singapore, there isn't any hot weather and the only the time when I wear my scarf is when I felt too cold in the night. Some wear scarf in their Cold Working Office.

But for other countries with cold weather, then this might be a good grab. I do peek into some Korean and Japanese Drama, and the weather isn't that a joke when I never went to their weather in the cold season. The only weather I do know is a Free Sauna Weather in Singapore. But of course there are some time when the rain bring in some cooling session, or when some walkers and peekers went out to shopping malls to get some free cool air-con.

Some of course just turn on their air con at home. I don't have one, so I don't wear my scarf that often. But those scarf towel do make a nice wall poster too.

If you got some space on your table or any place in your hiding spot, maybe you can place a small little plastic Itasha model.

Plastic Model Itasha @Amiami
-Oreimo Ver.2 Lancer Evolution X

I haven't grab one of them, so I not that sure if they come in what shown in the photo, or you'll need to make one yourself.

It isn't easy to make one since I do have to take a few moment to make one Gunpla myself. My friends seem able to do a few one faster timing than me.

But having those nice little Itasha is a good thing where you can own an Itasha for yourself, though you can't drive it. But if you asking me, at least you don't need to maintain it more than the real Itasha.

If you want to clean that Itasha, or your mobile phone, than maybe you need to have this cleaner strap, which come with a charm.

Cleaner Strap w/Charm
Senran Kagura

I don't know what the main different between "Cleaner strap with Charm" and "Cell Phone Strap with Cleaner". From what I know, they are the same type strap where the nice anime characters are on the strap, and there is one small little charm looking thing which is the cleaner.

But since they place a different name, so be it. But I do know that those strap are the common decoration for hand held electronic like Mobile / Smart Phone and Play station Portable / Vita Game Console. Some place it for their key-chain or bag to increase the otaku level.
And some collection as a set while some just keep them in order to have them.

Cell Phone Strap w/Cleaner @Amiami
Date A Live
-Touka Yatogami
-Kotori Itsuka
-Tobiichi Origami

For me, I do let them be my Wardrobe and bookshelf decoration, which really liven them up since they're plain looking.

Well, most Ikea furniture are simple or plain looking which is why they want you to decoration them. It written somewhere on Ikea catalog. Also since you grab it, and you not returning it, just go and decorate to your heart consent.

With so many simple thing that can help out with those nice decoration, is there any of the stuffs which you want to grab with your clean hands yet?
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