Monday, April 29, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 29 April 2013

Again back to this week figurines peeking, and I had to admit that I did went out on a walking session to take a peek at some Figurines shop.

I do have some talking session myself, but if you do saw me in the street and want to have a chat with me, just come ahead but first let take some peek at figurines for now.

Those Real Action Hero really never fail to me amazed me at 2 things; the figurine doll and the prize of them.

Miku Hatsune (RAH) @Amiami

What make me call them Figurine doll or Half-Figma Half Doll is due to the reason that they are still like a figurines, or figma more than a doll.

Just that their joint and costume are more better toward the doll. The hair still like a figurines. But they are more harder to take care and some would consider before buying it. It cost at 20,000 Yen which isn't a joke. But if you think about how nice it really is, and want to have a doll but have not much cash, then I would say this is not a bad choice to start with.

But from what I know, you don't need to worry about them due to that reason that they are nice to grab with, and they are pretty much to peek at all the time. Well, I do have to admit that sometime I do peek at some of my figurine due to their cuteness.

And seem like one of Muv-Luv girls had joined her gang and she is sitting on some ruin this time.

Inia Sestina @Amiami

The one thing I can give my praise is that the face expression is so pretty nice and cute, well I do aware that her body curve is also top notch.

I do have to admit that part that I did stare at her until I forgot that I gotten stunned. The unknown wind is also blowing the nice way for her hair while she sitting on that ruining.

It would seem to that she is enjoying some scenery while siting down, but let take a peek at her enjoying the view, it just too nice.

But if you want to move about, then maybe you want to look at this next girl.

Akane Isshiki @Amiami

Well, it no surprising that she is so cheerful while she is out to deliver some newspaper. Well, I don't really read much newspaper myself, but I think I would like to start if she is going to deliver them to my hiding spot.

She do send them on time with her flying bike, which can even travel on sea if she needed to. But I am amazed that there is some pole stick that is supporting her for the figurines.

But if you take a look at her in the morning, it would be a refreshing scene to have.

There is also another cheerful girl down here, even if she is a Level 0 Esper.

Ruiko Saten @Amiami

One thing for sure which I do like the series, she is one cheerful girl despite her funny part, or the time when she overstep the part of wanting a power and ended herself in a danger situation.

In any sense, if you do want to flip a skirt, don't forget to get her along, as she is one of the bravest character I ever seen to go and look at the under skirt of other girls.

But what got me interested in this is that she isn't wearing a skirt, but only her top shirt, so if you wondering what she wearing under there, then maybe you need to gran her and peek it for yourself.

But I would go and peek at another girl, but I might get in Magical trouble instead.

Estellise Sidos Heurassein @Amiami

She is walking on some ground with her shield and weapon, which just to show how fun she having on her adventures.

Well, from what I remember on most of the Tales Series I played so far, the game is just full of adventures, though I got a headaches from the level grinding parts.

You can remove her shield if you want and there one little miniature of her which is just too cute not to peek at.

But if you're asking me, I prefer to look at her nice smiling face.

Or I can listen to some nice music, and of course by one of my favor singers.

Sheryl Nome @Amiami

Well, I do like May'n Songs myself, and I tend to have some of them in my lists no matter what.

But what got me like this character isn't just because of the songs sing by May'n. Well, I do had to admit the part where Sheryl wear many time revealing clothes for her concert.

Even so, there are many cosplayers who cosplay as her. This costume is one of my favor too, but it will depend on what gonna grab her with the clean hand.

But what more revealing than from the Queen Blade series?

Alleyne @Amiami

Don't ask me how those leaves of her can cover just the right private part, revealing and yet not revealing all, well that the part of the fan services.

I do know that is one snake who can cover the right part for one of the characters, but what got me wondering about this is that she is a Elf, so I can understand that she is close to nature, but just where is her clothes in the first place.

I really don't know how she can have a normal clothes, but leaves as undergarment. Those who peek in the combat book will know.

Unless that is her swimsuit, that I got a mind to explode later, and she being over 1,000 Years old is already enough to blow me off. I would love to have this next to me so I can have a nice peek for my eye. And green is good for the peeking too.

But talking of swimsuit, about time to show some last fan service figurine before getting off.

Haruka @Amiami

If you want to peek at her more, you can remove her coat if you want. But letting her having that coat on will made her seem like a superior.

Just that she is wearing a pretty pink swimsuit with that huge pink ribbon on top. And her coat got some pink buttons, plus her heel is also.. pink.

Well, the pink and white combination can be seem off for some, but it her style which made it nice.

But I don't see anyone having a bright pink swimsuit yet, so I can't said for sure. Maybe I might get stunned with a runny bloody nose if I saw one, or I can just peek at this figurines if I do grabbed her.

Well, maybe a peek at some normal swimsuit might be a nice idea.

-Eru Chitanda @Amiami
-Mayaka Ibara @Amiami

If you want to play some ball with the girls at the beach, then it might be a nice idea, but do remember to tie Eru hair up.

There are some who hate their hair flying about and around when moving a lot.. But for the guys, maybe some part moving around can be a good idea.

I talking about the bouncing oppai, but figurines isn't going to show that, you can only imagine.

The only thing that never fail to amaze me is the unknown wind blowing from nowhere and making the figurine hair flying about.

Well, there are so many nice figurines to peek, and good for the peeking eye, but there are some side effect like blood coming out from the nose, but with so much to peek, which one do you like to improve you peeking eyesight?
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