Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 27 April 2013

Ok, this week let take some quick peek into 3 item only. And those 3 things are so good and nice, that you can either use them, or just display them as decoration.

Anime Goods are mostly usable, while some use them as decoration instead. Using them can be a painful option for the Owners.

First thing off, would be the Mug. Well I do use mine a few times, but I tend to drink normal water from my water bottle. If it Milk Coffee or Tea, then I will try to use the Mug.

Problem for me was that I tend to finish the drinks in shot, which in the end the cup end up in the basic then on my table. Yes, that including Hot drinks which I try to finish it even if it too hot.

Well, if not in use, I just place them somewhere, but let choose one mug if you going to do the same thing as me.

Mug @Amiami

Vividred Operation
-Akane and Aoi

-Hidamari Sketch

Those nice Mug aren't just be use for drinking only, which is why some bought them as collection, or some as decoration. Might be weird to see Mug everywhere as decoration, but they are very nice and easy to watch, on top of their nice design.

When you need a mug urgently, you will know where to look for.

Same go for those little plate. Well, they are meant for decoration, but some did use them as plate.. well they ARE plate in the first place.

Small Picture Plate @Amiami
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
-Sena Kashiwazaki
-Kobato Hasegawa
-Yozora Mikazuki

For a diameter of 16.3 cm, they are indeed great for using as a plate, and the good thing is that you can imagine you using the character body as plate.

Well, the imagination need to be very great in order to achieve that point, but it a nice thought.

They are make out of Ceramic which is a good thing to use as a plate, but the washing part might be a problem if the plate design get wash off easily. And lucky best would be dropping them on the floor.

Even so, they are nice to peek at if you're using them as decoration. Just that you need to place them in a safe spot, and maybe some cushion on the floor. There always blutack!

After using the plate and mug, and washing them, you need to dry them up, so a cleaner cloth is needed to dry them.

Cleaner Cloth @Amiami
Sword Art Online

Stein; Gate
-Kurisu and Okabe
-Kurisu and Mayuri

-Shusei Kagari

Little Buster
-Kyousuke Natsume
-Komari Kamikita
-Kudryavka Noumi
-Rin Natsume

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
-Iwai Mushanokouji

You can use other cloth or towel to dry the mug and plate, but a cleaner cloth might be the common use, if you have.

I did mentioned that they are good for decoration on top of cleaning stuffs. Plus, you just drying off the plate and mug, so if you got a dry cloth, it also fine.

Many did grab this useful item as decoration due to the design on the cloth, and unlike poster, they are more easily to keep, and even if you fold them, it still fine.

Problem might be that they are small and portable to use as a decoration. But there are collector of Cleaner cloth too.

I do own a few cleaner cloth, but not the anime character on it. And I tend to use them to wipe clean my TV, Desktop, Mobile phone, Glasses or some other. Cleaning it later on was a problem but still fine.

With 3 useful item that got nice design on them, which one do you want to grab?
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