Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report on Nendoroid 361: Misaka

Those who peeked at my AFA Sg 2013 Post would know that I did grabbed a Nendoroid which was the only figurine which I was able to grab with my Clean hand.

Of many events, normally I would at least grabbed a few figurines but this time around, I didn't.

Yet, I would not let that keep me down, since of many figurines I had to grab, it had to be No 361 Nendoroid, Misaka. (*w* !!)

Not even my other preorder have arrive my room, and I had to start with this cute little girl here.

Many who watched To Aru Majutsu no Index or To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, might noticed that Misaka's clones, or other known as Misaka Imouto got many changes.

And it seem that Good Smile Company keep this in mind, having this Nendoroid to have 2 different face expression. One of the first version when Misaka Imouto got the "Expression Eyes" while in Later Railgun series, they give her a pair of normal eyes like Misaka herself.

I'm a fan of the series, in which I'm actually peeking into the "Shin" (New) To Aru Majutsu no Index, which I only able to peek up to Vol 3 mid-way.

But back to the Nendorid Misaka, I do like her more due to a simple reason; she got a nice expression which we will peek into.


The interesting part of this Nendoroid set is actually not on the face expression or having her own rifle and ready to strike, but it actually turned out that she got a lot more spare parts than I anticipated at first.

Which also mean... More Poses to peek at !! (^w^ !!)


If you remember the scene where one of the Misaka Imouto got her Gekota Badge, well... seem like you will have 4 of them to place them on Misaka, or other Nendoroids, or your stuffs!

You can try even use it on yourself! (*x* ||)


Not sure if I'd miss out on this for my previous Nendoroids, but it seem like there is numbering on each face expression this time around.

Next time, I will just call each face expression by their number.

So.. can you guess which is my favorite?


Having ready to set her up, the one thing that activated my Sparkly Eye is that, despite being from the Railgun S series, Good Smile Company actually go ahead and give her back the face expression from Index series.

That face was what differ the original Misaka from the clones; yes.. their eyes are so easy to notice.

My reaction.. Good one!

Really gone and made me wanted to peek into both series again and compare all the different in both series for the Project Sister Arc.


And talking about Expressionless, another one which I had in mind and wanted to introduce to Misaka Imouto was Black Rock Shooter.

Well... The first thing happen was having them staring at each other... Expressionless....


Enough of that and let look at the Railgun S series Misaka Imouto.

Wow... I had to admit that even I can mistaken her for the real Misaka, if not for her goggle.

Maybe I need to stick a Getoka badge on her.


But before that, I want to see her third face expression, and my favorite of the three expression. The reason why I like this was probably due to the anime, when Misaka Imouto showed this expression in front of the real Misaka.


And I can't stop peeking at her now... (=w= ||)


Opps.. it seem like she's ready for combat when she put on her goggle and take out her rifle.

If you went ahead and grabbed a few of the Misaka Imouto Nendoroid, maybe you can make an army of them and take a snapshot of them.

You can even play with her as if she is in a FPS game.. or how about my preference of RPG.

SAM_1159 Edit

Seem like she targeted Miku for her Leeks....

If you want to caption that, well.. here the original photo (


The next interesting part of her is that she got a Kuro Neko... a cute little black kitten. And here the interesting part is actually why is she using her skirt to hold on to that Neko?

Well, if I peek from behind, maybe I can peek at her underwear... (X_X ||)


Cute little Neko lying on her skirt...


Hmm... Just a little more ... a little...

Ok.. better stop here, or I will be her target if I peek any more lower...


As a cat lover, I had to confess that I like how cute this little neko actually is.

Even I found myself staring blankly at this little guy even when it just a figurine...


Hmm... For some unknown reason, it seem like Misaka is going lift her skirt due to someone mind controlling her when I took this photo.

But to be on the safe side, I not lowering my camera to snap what she wearing. If you're interested, you might want to grab her and find it yourself. (=x= !!)


Also seem like Misaka Imouto is able to use some lightning power herself.

Better not cross her or else I'll get a shock for my life. But having to touch it on my palm did gave me a little shock.


Wow.. It really seem like she can strike down anyone with that little lightning..

Better get out of her sight!!

Well, behind is my favorite pose so far, since I gone and let her carry her rifle and top it off with some lightning strike.

For unknown reason, it seem like that the Face expression made it like Misaka Imouto is a badass and ready to strike down anyone... (*o* !!)


Well, if you're one of the Misaka Imouto Lover, or just want a Imouto, maybe you can consider grabbing her with your clean hand. I actually wonder if Kuroko consider grabbing Misaka imouto....

Er... nevermind.. maybe the real Misaka will still shock Kuroko once she know of this.

Anyway, don't Misaka Imouto look cute and cool too?

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