Sunday, December 8, 2013

Having some figurines into my hiding spot

Over the months of my Hiatus, the reasons to why I wasn't around was due to work commitment, concentration on reading up to the latest Manga and Light Novels.

That including peeking into the latest season Anime and playing some console games.

But like I said, I never forget about this blog. In fact, I was also in the midst of upgrading this blog into a new website in due time.

This blog will still stay, but I will starting mostly new stuffs from over there, of course once I able to set it up.

Despite the stop of posting weekly figurines, I never stop to take one little tiny peek, and I did grabbed some myself, which mostly are Nendoroid.

Why did I go and grab them with my clean hands?

Well, one thing for sure is that they are JUST TOO DARN CUTE!!!

However the main point was that my Imouto also took a liking to Nendoroid, which I just grabbed them. Mirai and Dead Master were gift from my Imouto, while we both agreed that Miku was nice and cute. I will be playing with some Nendoroids and take some photo of them.

Which also meaning that I will posting some figurines posts.

Can't wait? Me either!!

Anyways, I still need to clean and clear up some space in my hiding spot, and will try to post them up as soon as I can.

I even go ahead and place some of them on my working table so that I can peek at them once in a while and smiling like a perverted idiot.


But grabbing some new Nendoroids is just one thing, I do grabbed some older version from some previous owners, when they decided to sell me at a bit lower price.

Nice grabbing with my clean hands indeed.

Still, I find it funny when I grabbed the Fate Zero Saber for my friend, before he decided to sell me at even lower price when he decided not to want it anymore.

As for me, one more cute Nendoroid to my collection.


I do grabbed some non-Nendoroids figurines, and that is Figma!

Why do I grabbed Miku 2.0 figma?

Cos she got angel wing, and I need one in my hiding spot to heal my tiring heart and mind.


Now that I think about it... I sure did grabbed a lot of Nendoroids, which ended with me wondering where to display them, and keep their nice boxes...

Well... my collections isn't as much as other Nendoroids Collector though.

The top of the bookshelf is starting to be full with the figurines boxes, and I yet to even take some of the figurines out to display them nicely.. (=x= ||)

Well, not really a problem, since the bottom of my bed can still store up on some of the figurines.


And there another confession... I still waiting for some more of my pre-ordered figurines that due this and next month... which mean I need to really dig out some more space for them.

Well... at the moment I need to clean up my messy hiding spot... Over and out... (=x= ||)("")

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