Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 9 July 2013

There always will be interesting stuffs lying around, and there always someone who interested in them to go clean hand grabbing them.

Thing is, there are just to many thing which anime stuffs can be very useful.
Not sure if I peeking at wrong things or what, but it do seem that Misaka Mikoto and his Sister clone look nice to be next to each other.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun @Amiami
-B1 Wall Scroll
-Wall Scroll
-Mouse Pad

The Wall Scroll can be good for the peeking eye, and the most interesting is how Misaka Sister can show her pantsu without any emotion. But that is how you know she is the clone since the real one tend to wear a short. Also the clone normal wear an electronic goggle to see the flow of electric.

Another thing for the other design of wall scroll, it really a good idea to bite on some ice cream during summer, which strangely made the ice cream more delicious.

For those who like Misaka, there is a keyboard and mouse pad which sold separately, but good look together when in use.

Just that there isn't a Misaka mouse in stock. Maybe someone need to invent that sometime and someday.

And since it Summer, the weather is well known for the high temperature, which is why it good to have a Sensu (Japanese Fan), and I admit that I got my own fan, though the design isn't what I wanted.

Sword Art Online
-Heroine Ready Completed
-Asuna is My YOME
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
-Ranko Kanzaki
-Sachiko Nishimizu
-Anzu Futaba
-Chihaya Kisaragi
-Haruka & Miki & Iori
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
-Sena Kashiwazaki
-Kobato (in her Chuunibyou mode)
-Kobato-chan Maji Tenshi
-Kobato Hasegawa

The design now seem to be have many varies and interesting designs, which some got of them for this time around got wording on them. For those normal and common fans, I would grab them, but the Asuna in my Yome may be bit of the overkilling, not that I mind... a little?

I know that there are some who open up the Sensu and use them as decoration, which is one interesting way to showcase, while some did use them as fan under the hot sun. Even I do used mine from times to times.

Well, one can choose to display those Sensu on the wall, or anywhere, but when one needed them, one will just take them down and cool themselves off. I'm sure that what those Sensu are for, which one will get strangely more relaxed and breezy from those Sensu.

Made me wonder if those female characters on the Sensu are using their wind elemental...

I always amazed at how anything can turn into Anime goods and still be useful, and look normal at the same times.

Necktie @Amiami
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
-Sena Kashiwazaki
-Kobato Hasegawa
-Yozora Mikazuki

This time round will be the necktie, which look so normal, and anyone will not suspect anything, just that the catch is, there is a girl which seem bit of revealing at the end of the necktie (and hidden well too.)

If one felt no energy, one may take a quick peek and get charged up. Thing would be that you will be getting stares from everywhere and everyone if they caught you with it. But if another person is using this same necktie as you, you two (or three or more) will probably understand something.

Well, anyway, I doubt anyone would like to wear necktie in a hot weather, but if this necktie, maybe yes for some.

As far as I peeked, are you getting anything for the summer?
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