Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report 9 July 2013

You will know when you like to peek at some interesting figurines, and during a nice hot summer.

But first thing first, let peek at what got me Sparkly eye activated for this week, despite just gotten up from a noon nap.
Like I used to say in very long long Figurines report, what I wanted would be a maid to help me clean up my room.

Saber (1/7 | Mousou Maid Ver.) @Amiami

Well, I sure many would love to have one, but in Singapore, the maid all wear normal casual clothes instead.

Maybe next year when I go Japan, the first thing is to go to the Maid Cafe and ask them if they can turn one round and do a cute pose. Just that I might get a massive heartbeat and a strange happy sensation.

But some do prefer the cute pose instead.

Fate/Zero (Petanko) @Amiami
-Rin Tohsaka

What amazed me for this little petanko is that those cute little girls sitting down and staring at you with a cute face.

And they do look good sitting at your working desk, which you will felt energized up after a peek at them.

For me, I got a set of Miku in front of me to charge me up, but I don't thing additional of some more other would be a problem.

Just see how cute they are, with the face of "Grab me home" on their innocent cute face too.

I do know that there are some prefer cute and small figurines to the Nendoroid.

Akane Isshiki (Nendoroid) @Amiami

Well, it not that I don't understand, plus my imouto do prefer the Nendoroid than to other figurines.

Anyway, this time round will be the Mayonnaise lover Akane with her grandpa in stuff animal too.

Don't worry, she got her flying bike with her, which can travel in the sea and road, but never saw it fly ever.

From the look of it, it do seem that she always the cheerful type who also seem to go a few interesting parts to pose some nice action too.

Since she out, it might be a good hint for the other girls in her circle to be up for pre-order too.

Another cute girl, though show no emotion, got something like a god with her.

Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi (Cu-poche) @Amiami

Well, I do wonder why the Neko gods can play such an bad guy role in the story, and I wonder it myself though.

Anyway, Tsukiko still love by many despite one the cheerful type before becoming emotionless due to her wish.

She got the neko god with her, so when you grab her, try not to wish for something bad. Anyway, Tsukiko can pose like a neko, just that she doesn't have the neko ear or paws.

But just the pose is enough to send many moe lover off. But really, an emotionless girl can be a problem since you can't figure out what she thinking, be it happy or angry or even sad.

This time going with Asuna would be Lyfa and Yui, and I wonder how long it took for them to appear.

Sword Art Online (ALO Fairy Arc) @Amiami
-Lyfa (Suguha Kirigaya | 1/8)
-Yui (Actual Scale | 1/1)

One interesting is that for those who think Yui will be big, sorry, it really based on her Pixie size, which is so small that it fit into the pocket.

But that one good thing is that one get to know how big Yui is, and maybe one want to place her on the shoulder.

For Lyfa, it do seem that she ready to strike down any one that cross or block her path. Not to be bragging about it, but she is powerful on her own, and is really good in flying.

Even the one who introduced her to the ALO game is still an amateur in flight. Well, it do seem that she also popular enough to be place in the top player herself.

The anime did ended in a "I really didn't expect that" way, but nevertheless, it a good ending in it ways.

DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 (Excellent Model | 1/8) @Amiami
-Io Nitta
-Airi Ban

It sure didn't take long for 2 of the girls to appear, and how funny for Nitta to appear one of the strongest in the anime, though the game didn't go that way.

Well, they did go and sway the anime path from the game path anyway. But to show Nitta and Airi to be this cute, and to think that Airi actually do a cute pose herself.

Thing is, there are a few more pretty girls in the story, which I wonder if the figurines maker will be showing them.

But there is one girl who seem to be cheerful and jumping up.

Madoka Kyouno (1/7 | Mall Link Suit ver.) @Amiami

When a figurines not standing, there always something needed to support it in the air, and for this, it seem that there is something "poke" in the foot.

To me, and probably some, it might look painful, but anyway, you don't get to see much figurines who doesn't place their foot on the ground on the base stand.

Well, maybe for the Figma and Nendoroid, but we talking about the standard figurines here.

Either way, Madoka sure is cheerful, maybe a victory pose from defeating one of the enemy.

And since it the summer, it do strangely seem that many figurines in swimsuit appear a lot.

Yuzuko Nonohara (1/8 | Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami

Still, a might be a good day to go out and take a dip in the cooling water, while some might like to go and get some nice tan for the body.

Just that, like some who don't get fat from eating too much, there are actually people who don't get body tan easily.

For me, my body can turn back to white if I don't go  out in the sun a lot, which is why I had to go on walking session.

Anyway, for Yuzuko, I do think that she is one who don't get Sun Tan that easily, plus she do look cute and cheerful, with a nice pose. And there are people who lus.. want to grab her for collection.

Interesting thing is when a Hikikomori turned out to be a pretty (or handsome).

Himawari Shinomiya (1/8 | Swimsuit ver.) @Amiami

She did look nice and cute enough to get scouted for Modelling and photo taking.

And for someone her age, she sure got a well oppai, which probably made all the anime characters question her age.

Well, she is also not very tall, but her oppai might be overkilling. Anyway, it do seem that taht Himawari is posing in for the some photo shot, just that the pose is probably what many would like.

If I see one girl doing this in real / anime life, I think I need a back up blood packet.

Finally, after long while, seem that like the Cute Hina who many would like to take care and give her some treat is here.

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (1/4 | Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami
-Hina Takanashi
-Miwa Takanashi
-Sora Takanashi

Hina is sure popular in her own neighbor, probably due to her cheerful personality which made many wanted to hug her too. It might due to her Mother's gene, since both are the cheerful and let many people like them.

Well, there is one pervert who seem to want to the pet of her which many would try to prevent him from doing the wrong thing.

If you want take good care of the Hina, made sure she isn't separated from her elder sister, Hina and Sora. Despite all having different Mothers but the same father, they sure have a strong bond as a family. Even the Main Boy (their Uncle) seem to take good care of them too.

Well, Summer sure it own set of interesting figurines, and they sure look cute and pretty. Anyway, is there any figurines you want to grab this Summer?
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