Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 22 January 2013

Well, there are a few nice figurines this week, which some of them are not only nice and cute, but also got their own appeal as well.

Well, this week we going to start with some students, since in Singapore, a normal school terms start at January. And since it been a few weeks since, are the students able to manage the new school terms?

A normal school life would be great, but there are who got a few interesting or eventful slice of life.

Even I had to admit that I did had many very interesting and eventful, though they are mostly not very precious to me actually.

Running in school trying to catch my "prey", or running away from girls during school lesson, I was very infamous, but are remembered by many people, which is why I not very fond of it. If going to be famous in normal school life is hard, go for the infamous route.

But it seem that some girls from Hidamari Sketch are living their nice daily life.

Nendoroid @Amiami

What got me really interested in this 2 Nendoroid is not their normal expression, but having Yuno with a shocked face expression, while her friend Miyako being Faceless.

The Faceless was so classic that it got me laughing and wonder what with the faceless. I know emotionless is very interesting, but faceless just hit it hard sometime for me. Maybe she asking someone to help her draw a face on her instead.

In anyway, if you need some help with art, you may ask Yuno, or eat along side with Miyako since she do enjoy biting on her plain rice. Give her some side dish while you're at it.

And it seem that another nice student that going to join along her group of friends.

Yuu Kawamura @Amiami

Seem like Yuu is going to enjoy her school life with her friends, since she finally joined her friends, and strangely with a very gentle warm smile.

If you need someone to give your morning a great start before you head to school, maybe you can place her near or next to your bed so you can see her smile.

And if you got a electrical fan, get it blow against Yuu so that it would seem that there is a breeze. Just don't place it below her instead, because it not going to fly anyway up.

Well, maybe you can try to peek on her, but somehow, I felt will stop halfway due to her smile.

If you want a group of girls, maybe you can ask the Light Music band of K-On!


Paper Craft, or paper figurines are very very cute to have, so you are wonder what to with one or more, here how.

Though those girls don't have their instruments with them, they are very cute in her own way, and placing them at desktop or TV top is one way to ensure that your eye are improving due to looking at the cute paper figurines.

Just don't try to watch them all the time until they become your distraction. I do find myself staring at a few of my figurines on my table top that I forgot what I was going to do next.

There a few girls who are of students age but didn't go to school at all.

Yoko, Nia & Boota @Amiami

What so special them is not that they are very cute or powerful, but their design being the same as the Anime Panty and Stocking.

Interestingly, it actually turned out looking great, and making them look cute instead.

Though there are a few good Anime with girls of students holding Weapons or Firearms, but it seem that this Yoko is not only doesn't look the way her age should be, but is a very good with Firearms who never go to school.

Well, maybe some time in future there will be a school version of the Anime.

If you seem enough of Male Zombie students, maybe you can consider this girl who is also a Zombie.

Rea Sanka @Amiami

The only things that got me wondering is that a normal Zombie is portray to be eating Man, or biting them, and that same go to Rea.

But she was able to return back to normal halfway though it actually interesting to know that not all zombie in Manga Main Character list being normal like a human.

But their strength and power is way off unlike a weak zombie with no much strength. The main different of an Anime Zombie is that, they not ugly or rotten, but actually Pretty/handsome, and look no different from a normal human.

Need more interesting fact? They able to fool many other that they are not Zombie, and living as a normal person. Now that I think about it, there are students who claims that going to school can zombify them since they don't want to go to school.

Maybe we do need some epic girl who actually is of student age, but just being powerful and not of this planet.

Kagura @Amiami

I always wonder why Aliens in Japan Aliens just look so pretty or handsome, very powerful and yet look like a normal human.

Since it one of Japan Tradition to visit Shrine for a good year, it would seem like Kagura did went herself, and she do look very nice in her clothes.

Need to be careful of her since she can change her face expression to a fierce one, and that where it might turn ugly. She did join a gang before unintentionally, and she is known to be very strong and powerful too.

But those are all hidden behind her cute face, though knowing the Manga Series, one must never fail to expect epicness from her.

Well, maybe we can stop with the students, and turn our head toward the Pirates in One Piece Series for the ending for this week Figurines Report.

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE @Amiami
-Princess Shirahoshi
-Boa Hancock
-Many Other

Well, it would seem that there are school in this One Piece Series, but I find it interesting if the pirates version decided to show up school version.

But there just too many other with students story based plot, so maybe Pirates isn't so bad for this Manga. And I do like this series for very long indeed. Maybe Luffy should go to school to improve his knowledge, but I'm sure that would be too epic.

The characters in One Piece are very nice, with many of them being based off appearance of real life people.

Just that the Portrait of Pirates creating nice figurines of those pirates earned my praises. Those figurines look very nice at an affordable price too.

I do want to grab a few of them with my clean hands too, though I will go for the girls instead. The Creator of One Piece sure draw his story characters in very interesting and nice ways.

Due to the friction and fantasy part, many characters are always draw in a way that no one can expect them to be. Well, maybe Luffy need to improve his drawing with the creator help.

As far as I peeked at those nice figurines, do you want to attend school with any of them?

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