Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 13 January 2013

So you're going out for a walking Session and you need to ensure what to start and end your days?

Well, let me give some tips before I started with my Weekly Sunday Report later.

First time first, to show how much of a fans, or Otakuly yourself, you need some Anime T-shirt which is most obvious.

But if you don't wish for something too flashy, then you might love this T-shirt.

Sword Art Online - Yui Black T-shirt @Amiami
-S Size
-M Size
-L Size
-XL Size

My Dad's favor type of shirt; having a pocket on the shirt. Well, what make this nicely black T-shirt unique, Anime style but not too flash is that Yui is hiding in that Pocket. Hard to be notice, but at the same time many fans of Sword Art Online might actually Clean Hand Grabbing.

Yui is in her ALO form, where she is small and nice, so try not too placed too many thing in that pocket with her, or she will find the pocket too squeeze. The shirt is based off Kirito favor color Black, and having Yui sitting on the pocket is an bonus. Nice to go out in, Anime t-shirt and not too flashy.

Also, another interesting Anime goods which I tend to show off is the Anime Style Sensu. But like before, if you doesn't want to show off too much, maybe you can look for the Mini Sensu, and let it act as if as a Strap.

To Love-Ru Darkness - Mini Sensu Strap @Amiami

If you're a big fans of To-Love-Ru, maybe you might want to Clean Hand Grabbing. Plus they are also nice and small, they make not just the prefect Mini Sensu, but also Strap which you bring along. They serve as Strap and if you need a fan, this is your solution.

Due to the small and portable size, it isn't too flashy or obvious at all. Also the fact that it is still like a fan, you can let those surround you to wonder what is that straps when you not using it as a sensu. Be careful not to let it get wet or torn since the material is still paper. For a price of 710 Yen each, sure is worth to buy.

After getting back from the walking session, first thing for me is to head toward the bath, and maybe hopefully to find some girls still taking their time having their bath.

To Love-Ru Darkness - Waterproof Poster: Momo & Yami & Mea @Amiami

Out of all poster, I just had to choose this, since the 3 of them are not only pretty cure, but also pretty dangerous too. This Waterproof poster is best place at the bathroom, so that you can enjoy your bath while peeking at those cute girls.

Doesn't need to worry one thing about it getting wet and torn off, plus you can slowly enjoy your bath, and cleaning your whole body so that you can enjoying peeking at the girl longer. That way you will be able to ensure that you're all clean up.

The girls aren't fully naked in the body, so it safe to place it in the bathman, just that the Fans Service in the bath is overkill. It no wonder why they are dangerous. But if you got someone coming over or still living with your parents, best not to place it at all.

After the bath / shower, you need to dry yourself with a towel, and there are some nice towel to use.

Sword Art Online - Big Towel @Amiami
-Asuna and Lisbeth

Be grateful that not only the girls are helping to keep you dry, but they are also warming you up with their body at the same times.

If you're not using them as Towel, you can actually use them as poster too and pinning them to the wall. And they are washable when they are dirty. Also there are also other uses for the towel too, though it will depend on how you gonna use it.

Towel just got so many uses that it best to actually grab one of them first, and deciding later on what to use them for. I do own one small anime towel myself which I yet to use it for now.

So, do you have a little understanding on how to start and end your day with a few anime goods?

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