Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In and Out of Resting

Those who were worry about me after hearing of my health problem, I thank you for your concern, and I'm happy to say that it would seem the Kidney Stone is out.

But I not going to show it you due to some safety reason, and just take a look at the delicious food which I bite at Changi Airport!

Of course that not the real reason as to why I go there, but the X-ray Film at the right would show why.

The size of the Kidney Stone, which was diagnosed and confirmed, with some medication to pass it out, was 4mm in size and was considered small. And it look like a solid sugar, if you wonder how it look like. And to be on the safe side, I will need to wait and see to ensure no more of the stone remain.

A very painful experience indeed, but hopefully it over. And as for the X-ray film, I went to do some body check up, and seem all is going fine for me. Just that my Hypertension is need to be under control, even for my age. If you wonder why I can get high blood pressure, that due to family history and I was unlucky.

But with medication, I been fine and well. Just that the past few day of resting did get me reading my Light Novel, and at the same time letting me relax from the computer and internet.

Well, yesterday the internet connection was down on my side, so I couldn't my PC to serve the net, but at least I can read the light novel instead.

Again, I really read the book until I forgotten about the timing, which is a shock to me. Very awake when peeking into the book, but very tired and restless when not peeking at it.

I was able to finally peek further into the plot of the book I was peeking since the online was bit slow.

And I find the book interesting, so I decided to grab it with my Clean hand at that time.

Also, tomorrow I will be doing some Figurines peeking which was suppose yesterday, but I will try to add in tomorrow another posts to cover for yesterday. Thank for your concern if you still worry about my health, I still living and kicking and will try not go leave this world as I am an Otaku; I need to watch every chapter of Manga I like, every volumes of Light Novel I want to read, and the Anime Episode which activate my Sparkly Peeking Eye.

As for now, time for an early nap to rest.

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