Saturday, January 12, 2013

Current Personal Health

Just in case you're wondering, my current health which is the Kidney Stone, come suddenly and caused me great pain, which is very unbearable.

And taking Painkiller is also not really helping, since sometime the pain just come suddenly, and I do have Red Color Urine some time.

Thank to many experiences of having suffered from the same illness, my Dad did told me what and how the stages is like, how the pain felt like, and his great advises to lessen the pain.

I suffered the first Sudden pain Last Year December, which the pain just suddenly act up out of the blue, and it was around at the Kidney area. Initially, my mum and I suspect of Intestine problems too, but due to extreme pain, wasn't able to know what the problem is.

And after 2 hours of suffering the pain, went to a clinic nearby to know what the problem is. Was kind of shock to learn that it was due to the Kidney Stone, which a simple urine test was able to show. In order to fasten the speed of lessen the pain, I was given 2 Injection right from my Ass. I did inform the Doctor that I was afraid of needle and pain, which I got a bad experience during one time drawing of blood.

Was given some painkiller and advised to drink more water, but 1 weeks past and the pain was still there, so I went to another clinic, which I visit more frequently for my Hypertension. The doctor there told me to better do a full body check up at the hospital to be safe and was referred to National University Hospital one month later.

Good thing is the pain was much lesser as the day go by and thought that I was getting better, but as the day toward the actual appointment at the Hospital, my illness just had to Troll me; it took a sudden bad turns.

This time, I got dark red color urine and occasional pain from the kidney to Bladder area, seem that the stone was travelling in between and due to it rough surface, it scratch the wall and causing internal bleeding which explained the red color urine. And as it travel downward, the pain also travel downward. Problem is that should it get struck in the tube and block the urine system, I will get into a whole lot of problem.

That fact happened to my dad a few times beforehand, and seem him going for surgery which landed him at the Care unit in a weakened state. In order to know what the size of the stone, I went for a Computed Tomography Urogram (CT Scan for short) today which costed SGD 800 plus. Was cheated of my feeling at first when I was informed beforehand that it will be SGD 550.

In anyway, the process was unlike what I was told at first, and I got a poke into my right hand. Reason being is that they need to inject a special liquid into my blood vein which act as a dye and for easy reference during the CT Scan. But the side effect is funny though, having my whole body feeling hot and an uneasy sensation in my mouth. You might think it another way around, in a different meaning.

I do need to give praise to the nice staff nurse, Ms Ng See Yoong, when she poke that long needle into my hand before the CT Scan. The needle is just too long and also, I did told her beforehand that I got a bad experience with needle during drawing of blood. Well, she did noticed I got very small blood vein, and after the CT Scan, she did slowly try her best to release the needle so as to lessen the pain.

Whole Process of the CT Scan? Just normal X-ray, just that I got some transparent liquid inject into my blood vein, and lying down on a movable bed. Nice First Experience I had for the CT Scan, but isn't worth having just for the sake of it. My best advice is to take good care of your health so you don't suffer that fact.

So far that the current state for my kidney stone, which I will be going back the coming Monday to know more of my health, I did urine out some blood clot the day before. If you're also aware of my Hypertension, I am on a daily pose of a poison pill. So as for now, time for more rest, and maybe some Light Novel peeking while I'm at it.

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