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Mada's Figurines Report 30 January 2013

As Always, figurines that come in a set are looking so great, but there are some who also look great individually.

But what so great about figurines is that you can place a few different characters of different anime together to do some "Cross-over".

For now, let peek at the first set, which finally completed and they sure look so great together.

Mayo Chiki! @Amiami
-Subaru Konoe
-Masamune Usami
-Kanade Suzutsuki

So it really look like the Mayo Chiki girls are together and they are revealing a bit of themselves, also together the three of them are in love with the same person, so maybe they are revealing to him. But you can still grab them with your clean hands and stare at them until you're happy.

For me, it will help to improve my Peeking Eyesight. Really made me remember how great the story of Mayo Chiki being so great, and I did re-peek at it a lot of time, maybe this set of girls are reveal a lot, but however they are still in the safety zone, so it actually fine. They did cover the important part.

Another figurine caught my Sparkly Eye would be one character from Tera Online.

Elin (Tera) @Amiami

Well, Elin is a name term for a race, but it seem that this Elin would also suit nicely for this girl. And I actually wonder if she just posing, or ready to strike down someone.

She is very powerful, if you're overlooking her. Plus she is very cute for a character, if you're playing Tera Online. Too bad I won't able to play that game.

What amazed me is the choice of costumes and the race that was chosen for this figurines, and also making this character looking cute.

For me, grabbing this figurines may remind me of how much game that I need to clear despite the amount of stuffs I also need to clear. As much I love to grind level and playing Hack-and-Slash or RPG games, I hate the amount of time need to clear the game. Sometime I would forget to play Game when I peeking at Light Novel, Manga and Anime, or the same vice verse.

For now, there are many other cute Anime Characters figurine to peek.

Nendoroid @Amiami
-Miho Nishizumi
-Kana Minami
-Chiaki Minami
-Alice Kuonji
-Aoko Aozaki

I always need to give my praise to Good Smile Company for the Nendoroid due to many reasons, but to simply some of them, is that the Nendoroids are very cute and the cuteness is very healthy to the Eyesight.

Second would be even if you get different characters of different Anime or Series, they all don't really look out of place when you placing a few of them together, especially for the student to students, or fighter to fighter.

But it would since like Miho of Girls und Panzer is the first in line to go into the her tank and fire off first.

She did seem like she is ready to command a fleet of tanks on her own, which not just amazed me on that part as she look really cute too.

Well, there are 2 more cute students too who got very nice face expression indeed; Kana and Chiaki. Just that I wonder what Kana is cooking though while showing that smile.

If you're interested to know what is inside that pot, you can check the gallery at Good Smile Company or the Amiami site for this figurines.

Just don't try to bully Chiaki too much since she not just cute only, but she got the crying face expression. So far she is one of the characters which I would label as the cute and innocent type, though I find her to be also a funny type too. I wonder why the Nendoroid seem to be more cuter instead.

Also, it would seem like Alice is appearing after Aoko, plus she is very powerful for someone who got one very interesting face expression.

Aoko also got a very interesting face expression too which I mentioned sometime ago. Just that you'll need to be careful of both girls powerful magic, since they are witch.

Due to the Nendoroid Kawaii appearance, they sure not only look harmless to the point that even I would lower my guard, but due to the reason that I will strangely having a smile on my face.

Well, they are from Good Smile Company, which I once did said that it a Company which is very Good on putting a Smile when you own one of their figurines.

Well, for the normal figurines, I would really praise due to the fine detail, though the Nendoroids are just too cute to resist not having one of them.

This week, it seem like there are a few girls ready to take a dip at the swimming pool.

Girls in swimsuit Figurine @Amiami
-Golden Darkness
-Mikoto Misaka
-Nanoha Takamachi
-Kanako Watanabe
-Tamaki Kosaka(White Ver.)
-Tamaki Kosaka(Regular Ver.)

Sometime I wonder why girls in swimsuit figurines tend to be a hot buyers, and why girls don't mind wearing swimsuit when going to the beach or swimming pool.

There are some who find it very embarrassing, though I'll find it if they can choose to wear one piece, which cover most of the body. Well, maybe some prefer to show off some of their body, so they tend some nice bikini.

Either way, there are some who do like to wear the cute type, though asking Mikoto to the swimming pools can be very dangerous.

Well, asking Yami to go can be also be the same, but having lightning in the water is going to get someone in big trouble.

But even when I saying that, it would seem that Mikoto is having fun kicking some water, which I had to give praise to the Maker for the nice Water base Stand.

As for Nanoha, she got her float, so she is ready to take a sip in the swimming pools too. Well, she got her own magic, so I think she can resist some lightning, someway or another.

But I really wonder why those powerful girls look so pretty, cute and nice, and also harmless when they are in their swimsuit.

If I never take a peek at their Series, I would never imagine how powerful they really are.

The girls in their swimsuit are not only giving some Fans Service which is very healthy to the Peeking Staring Eye, but how it show that those cute girls also got very nice body with curves too.

In some where girls are very powerful, the scenes can be overkill too, though there are some series where they show near Hentai though it would give the element of laughs later on.

Well, for some anime, there are also at least one scenes or episodes where the girls are in their Swimsuit, or at least taking a bath at the hot spring, or bath.

They really want to show how great the girls look, and at the same their sex appeal.

But what really amazed me for some figurines is that, they are wearing swimsuit which aren't shown in the Anime, Manga or Light Novel.

Instead, they are based off pictures, or initial design which is why there are many same characters with different swimsuit, or poses.

Well, I had to admit that there many different type of swimsuit, same go for the undergarment. I had seem a few of the men underpant, which got very interesting design, but I still prefer the plain color with no design underwear.

I really wonder why there seem like no ending design, where some are very revealing, and some cover up nicely.

I do believe the normal swimsuit which Tamaki is wearing is a popular choice, though of all the swimsuit I like the one Kanako is wearing; Not that revealing much.

I did say that I not the Swimsuit fan, since I don't like go swimming. Well, playing in water would be a different story, but it would seem that I never once went to the swimming pools last year or the year before.

Staring at those figurines is more than enough since I can pretty much imagine myself at the beach or swimming pools.

Maybe if I really going to one, I will need to ask one of the figurines to go with me, and take a photo over the place.

That is for now, and after peeking those figurines, any of them suit your taste?

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