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Ao No Exorcist

Ao no Ekusoshisuto
Blue Exorcist

Creator - Kazue Katō


Published in Jump SQ, Shueisha
10 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Directed by Tensai Okamura
Produced by Hiro Maruyama
Written by Ryōta Yamaguchi
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio - A-1 Pictures

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Published by Bandai Namco Games

Console - PSP
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Story plot started Rin Okumura, a normal yet violet boy who decided to find a job after middle schooling, unlike his smarter younger twin, Yukio Okumura.

Due to some strange happened, Rin later learnt of the Demons realm, Gehenna, and demons invading their world, Assiah.

He also learnt that he is the son of Satan, together with his Twin brother Yukio, but Rin wasn't aware of the demons until the point that the sword Kurikara was unable to maintain Rin's Sealed Power.

Due to that, Rin being target by the Demons in order to bring him back to Gehenna.

Rin and Yukio Foster Father, Shiro Fujimoto, been secretly protecting the 2 of them, despite being the highest ranking in the Exorcist True Cross Order.

Also in order for Satan to cross over to Assiah, he need a strong Vessel for procession, which he failed many times. If the vessel is weak, the body will get burn from the blue flame and die.

Rin inherit Satan's blue flame which mark the proof of his birth and son as the demon's God. But Yukio did not due to the reason that he was the weaker when the twins was born.

In order to prevent Satan from sending Rin back to Gehenna, Shiro committed Suicide as the last act in order to protect Rin as a father. He informed Rin to look for Mephisto Pheles for protection.

Initially, Mephisto was ordered to kill Rin but decided to enroll him into his school at True Cross Academy; a school who act as a normal school and training Exorcists in secret.

Mephisto did not reveal to Rin at first that he is also the son of Satan and is he older half-brother. Mephisto is also the one who been manipulating behind the scenes in most cases.

He warned Rin from drawing the sword Kurikara, which also release Rin's Demonic power after drawing. Due to the appearance of Blue Flame as mark of the son of Satan, the True Cross Exorcists might also kill Rin, which shown that Rin is targeted by both sides.

But Rin decided to prove that Shiro wasn't wrong in letting him Lives, and aim for the highest Ranking in the Exorcists; Paladin. Though the current ranking was taken by Arthur Auguste Angel.

Despite being the older of the Twins, Rin later learnt that Yukio was a veteran Exorcist and learnt the skills when he was seven. Yukio was personally trained by Shiro, next to Shura Kirigakure.

Shura was also order to kill Rin, but later decided to train him on how to use the way of the Swords, which Shiro previously requested her to.

She was also order to keep an eye on Mephisto to learn what he was up to. Initially she hidden her identity as Rin's classmate before becoming his class teaching in Exorcist.

Rin also at first prevent the use of his blue flame in front of his classmate, though he was unable to hide his seemingly unlimited Stamina and Strength. Yukio was human in full as he did not inherit any of Satan's power, but he must go for daily check up for assurance.

The Exorcist Teachers also were aware of Rin's demonic power and but did not tell the students under the order of Mephisto, though a few of them wanted to kill Rin due to being Satan's Son.

Rin also befriends his classmate despite a few of them disliking Rin for being Special, but was unaware that Rin was Satan's Son.

Ryuji Suguro was considered as Rin's Rival, though despite his delinquent and hot temper look, he is top in the class and also a smart person who is very good in memorizing things. He is also the hardworking type.

His other 2 friends who come with his from Kyoto are Konekomaru Miwa the timid of the three and Renzo Shima who hate troublesome stuffs. All three go for Aria class Exorcists, which make used of chanting of Curses at Demon. Ryuji also go for Dragoon Class, which make use of gun type weapons.

Shiemi Moriyama was the daughter of the Exorcist Supply Shop, who was hurt by a plant type demon before Rin and Yukio save her from more harm.

Later on she decided to enroll into the Exorcist school, and also to make friend. At first she was mistreated by Izumo Kamiki, but later on Izumo learned of her mistake and decided to friend with Shiemi.

Both girls got talent in Tamer, a summoning demons to their aid / bidding type. Shiemi was able to summon little Greenman, which is a cute small plant type demons. Despite their appearance, they can fight, summon the type of plant Shiemi need for treatment or to fight. Izumo is able to summon 2 Byakko, a god like fox.

When all of them learnt of Rin's power and secret identity as Satan's son, they distanced themselves from Rin, except for Izumo as she find Rin not what the other expected and accept what he was. Shiemi's reason being that she thought herself not trustworthy to learn the truth.

When they learnt of Rin's Suffering, and go to Rin's aid as they at first were mad at him for not trusting them with his secret.

Konekomaru was the last to accept due to the reason being his parents were kill by Satan previously.

Yukio, despite at first hated and angry at Rin for costing the life of their foster father, he care very much for Rin, and will do anything in order to get him out of harm way. The reason why he become an Exorcist at a young age was due to the scar Rin caused to him, which render him able to see demon. Under Shiro's guidance, Yukio learn the exorcist skills in order to protect Rin from the demon, which he promised to continue even after Shiro death.

But unknown to them, there are back stabber in the Exorcists, who turn bad be it in the anime or Manga, which the story sway differently midway.

What got me peeking into this manga was the anime first before I jumped into the Manga. At first I was aware of the Manga but didn't peek at it.

The story plot is very different for both the Anime and Manga which show when Rin reveal his secret as Satan's son.  Anime jumped into Satan's appearance while Manga led the gang to Kyoto Arc where Rin learnt of way to control his flame.

Well, at least both story are fine with me though the Manga is worth taking peek and continue to wait for it next chapters monthly.

As far as I peeked, do you want to be an Exorcist like Rin in Ao No Exorcist?

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