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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular!

Creators - Nico Tanigawa


Published in Gangan Online, Square Enix
3 Volumes [Ongoing]

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@Batoto | @Mangareader

Anime (TBA; Greenlit for Anime)

Story Plot just start about one delusional Girl, Tomoko Kuroki,who actually was popular during her middle school, but not high school. And she can be label as a Mojo (Creepy Woman) in this story.

She seem normal for a girl, but one thing for sure is that she actually can creep the hell out of me when she do those funny expression. What her goal when going into High school was actually to be popular though the story seem to make Tomoko type of woman who will sleep with any person.

For a shut in otaku like her, she actually got a scary face expression, dark eye circle and is very skinny. On top of her shy personality and doesn't like to talk to anyone, she is label as the quiet girl by her classmate who did not seem to go up to her to start a conversation.

The story is about her daily slice of life where she trying her best to be popular and thinking and doing stuffs to up her reputation, though they tend to backfire on her and made her more into a Mojo instead. When I say she is Otaku, that actually my label to her after I read up to the latest chapters.

Reason being that she do play Eroge (she teasing the 2D naked guys) and watching anime and not being a shut in more, though she doesn't do some stuffs a normal otaku would. Still she is somewhere there but Mojo really suit her more, much to her own dismay actually.

What I find it funny is how she think the real world in a funny way, and tend to be too delusional, and misunderstood the way of the real life. She did have 50 years of dating experience, with 100 boys in the 2D world, but those didn't help her at all.

For a shy person, she actually got difficulty talking to other people other than her best friend from middle school, Yuu, and her own family. But they all still find her weird at time.

Interestingly, her own brother is actually very popular himself, and he can take good care of him like doing house chores and cooking, unlike Tomoko, which she try to escape from doing. Halfway in the story, she actually wasn't like how she was at the current, and she is a very good elder sister who take good care of her brother and is a good girl.

Just somewhere, something, for unknown reason that changes her way of life, into a very very creepy girl. Something, there are some funny moment in the story where she actually make a very good characters as a ghost who want her revenge. She did wish for other people misfortune in the story and tend to be anti-social more than she trying to make friends.

I personally do not know how or what she want, but she got her own idea so I would think that the way she live each day really do suit her. I wonder how she can managed to go though 3 semesters not having a friend from her high school, and going though each day of her life.

Even her plain best friend, Yuu, changed for the better, like changing her appearance into a cute girl and gotten a boyfriend. I would actually wish Tomoko would speak the truth and ask Yuu to help her, instead of lusting after Yuu like a pervert old man.

I had to give praise to the 2 creators for such an interesting story about a girl who trying her best to be popular in her own way. Yes, despite being one named, it is made up of one Author and one Artist, and it would seem that they add in a few of their own life experience in this story.

But what got me wondering is just how much Delusional can Tomoko actually gotten herself into. Even going so far as to record voice of the game she play and listen to them when she try to escape the truth or the real world.

As she tend not to say about her own problems, her family and Yuu tend to think that her behavior as weird and not think about it later on. The artist got a good job drawing Tomoko on the borderline of her being a creepy girl and a cute girl when Tomoko is in her Normal form. But her creepy expression can be either scary, or funny. Should the Anime be set off flight, I can't imagine how it will actually show Tomoko being a normal girl and yet a creepy on top of it.

As far as I peeked, do you want to befriend Tomoko in Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! too?

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