Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fixing IKEA furniture in the house

Are you the handyman or handywoman in the house?

Well, it used to be my parents, until it passed down to me. The things is, I become the handyman in my house when I start going to IKEA to get some stuffs, and I learned to fix those furniture personally.

Of course there manual to guide me, but I just like fixing them up from the start, and so, when my family go for some walking and peeking session in IKEA, I had to fix those stuffs up.

Not that I complaining or what, but in facts, I like fixing those stuffs up, and most of the stuffs and furniture from IKEA are fixed by me.

Including the bed I lying for the past year. Only the wardrobe and bookshelf not really done by me.

Earlier during the month of Hiatus, my family did went and grab an armchair as the old cheap armchair (which I wonder where my dad grabbed from) broke. And the thing is, my dad like sleeping outside in the living room and lying on the arm chair.

Well, and so we went to IKEA to "Look See Around".

Just a few quick peeking around and my dad took a liking to this one. The combination of Red cushion and Black frame look just so great.

And since the price is reasonable for my parents, they just grabbed it.

At the same time, my dad did promised my sister for a table. I will be looking for a nice neat table and a wardrobe. And of course when that happened, I will take the challenge of fixing the wardrobe.

I wonder how the guys who fix me and my sister's wardrobe. I won't say it bad. but it also not very good. And the thing is that both of our drawers aren't in good condition, especially till now.

Might be due to the wood plank being too soft and thin, so it can't take on heavier clothes.

But no matter, my sister looking forward to me grabbing a wardrobe, since I promised to give her mine when that happened.

Scary since she going to have 2 wardrobes when that really happen, but I really wonder how I will take the challenge of fixing the wardrobe.

I mean, come on!

Just fixing the armchair and a table for my sister is taking energy from me. But from what I see, somehow I enjoyed the progress of fixing those stuffs up.

Not building thing from wood planks and nails, but buying IKEA furniture and fixing them up.

Really simple for me, and by far the only things I really would like IKEA to have is a super single size bed.

Maybe when I strike lottery or some rich person give me some spare cash, I might go and grab a nice bed for myself and my family.

But lying on the armchair I fixed up isn't that bad at all. And it really comfy and nice.

Just that what I need to do is getting more space in my room by clearing many stuffs off.

Frankly speaking, I do dump a lot of stuffs in 2 corners of my room, and my wardrobe is in chaotic mess. I did took a liking to a wardrobe over at IKEA, but my parents want to wait for some time first. Well, the waiting time can take a long while, since I need to wait when my parents are free, and at the same time when my dad got some spaces in his van.

If both requirements not met, then I can just forget about it. They don't really want to get delivery from IKEA, nor do I want some other person to fix my wardrobe.

Like I say, my wardrobe isn't bad, but neither is it good. But anyway, I been using the bookshelf and wardrobe for don't know how many donkey years, so I did consider grabbing a nice wardrobe.

When I fixed those furniture from IKEA up personally, I do know that I did a good job on them when I personally ensure they are neatly and nicely fixed.

I can really confirm there been an increase of t-shirts which I grabbed ever since, and maybe when I got the time, I will try to take the picture of my shirt and post them up.

I think my sister got a lot more, but I can't comment on that much since I also grabbed a lot myself. I did spend a few hundreds if I really go and combined all of them together.

But they are all grabbed at different timing. And I like those design myself, and I even grabbed a few for Works and Occasion purposes. Well, I'm working part time, and even as much as I like wearing 3/4 pants, I still had to wear a long pants or long jean to work.

Anyway, even when we go down to IKEA, not all the time we grabbed one furniture or two, but actually is to go down to take a few peek, and taking the idea of how to make more space and room for our house.

I really like the way IKEA stuffs are designed and the way the display being showcase to let one use as a references to change one house furniture position. There is one good Chinese saying " Changing the Feng Sui in the house"

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