Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mada's Peeking Session at Culture Japan Night Singapore 2013

Been to Culture Japan Night Singapore 2013 to have a little peek this time around, it was held at the same place as last year, Kallang Theater.

Unlike last year CJ Night SG, there isn't much talk, since Danny Choo was very busy, and unable to invite more guests.

Even so, the main purpose of having comrades meeting up, and exchanging networks, and making new friends.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mada's Walking Session on AFA Day 1/2/3 inside Exhibition Hall

Got this time-out again, so I going to post a very short post..

Yes, a very "Short" post, but with a lot of photos of when I peeking inside the Exhibition Hall of Anime Festival Asia 2013.

As I mentioned in AFA Day 0, I really amazed at the outcome of the event which in the first time in whole 6 years of AFA, having the events started on a Friday instead of Saturday.

So those who got school and work?

Well, don't think they don't have a way of not going to the events. I had to admit that when I went to work June 2013 (yes, that one of the reasons caused the Hiatus). My work condition was that I not to work for 9, 10, 11 Nov all due to this events.

I even had to ask one of my female colleagues if she able to take my Thursday shift so that I can go and have Day 0.. In anyways, I not going to talk too much on this Events, but I will just speak on some of the events as we go through with each photos.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mada's Walking Session on AFA Day 0 / Preparation

Ok, I do know that I been out for the count for a very long time, but as promised, here the stuffs for starting on AFA which I went for a full 4 Days course. 

Wait, Did I mentioned wrongly? No, though this year Anime Festival Asia made an exception where Friday is when the Exhibition started when it was supposed to be on Saturday. 

I went on the Thursday to grab the Ticket which started selling.

And also to take a few peeking and sniffing around. Like what many say, knowing the territory win half the battle. Only problem is that I can't go in to the Exhibition Hall unless I was given permission... too bad.

Still, I will let you know what I grabbed too.