Saturday, March 17, 2012

A pocket-bleeding Trip

 There was a promotion on Cardfight Vanguard and Gundam Age from 14 to 18 March.

Went there for a little looky, and it seem that there were really good deal for the gundam model.
Don't really find those Prefect Grade model, but with HG, RG and MG on good deal, what I can confirm, is at least they are cheaper than those at Takashimaya. (I went there to double confirm despite the same 20% discount)

 I did't get a Gundam Model though I would like one, but no worry, I will get one Prefect grade for myself, someday.
 Advised from my friend, is that to have a model with a better quality and detail, RG and over is better choice.

MG and PG is the one that are expensive but very good quality.
But if you are just looking for a cheap model to play with or to display it, HG and RG is more than enough.
 Though I won't stop you if you going for the MG and PG. I do know that Gundam with good details is something to be admired.
With current popular series, Gundam Age, it seem like there not just those new cool model out.

My friend told me that Gunpla will be remaking the Gundam Seed series.

 I prefer Buster and Freedom Gundam. So I will be looking forwards to this two once it out. (*w* )
 Time and Money is not just the issue for the Gundam model only, you will need to be equip with some basic skills and the patience to fix the model from scratch.

But as for me, the new Advance Grade (AG) is the better choice, I just fix the arm and leg to the body. That All!!

 And it also very cheap to start with, though for those hard core fan, I wouldn't even try to use the AG to fight their "High End" Grade. (*x* ;;)
There were some contest between player on Cardfight Vanguard, which players play and compete with each other, on table and the ground floor.

There were some Chaos card fighting down there, I just to have some peeky around to know how they start once they set out their deck.

Although Plaza Singapura is under renovation and construction, this didn't seem to stop many players and fans from coming to this little event there.

The turnout was great, with some gundam arcade game down there.

Main purpose to Orchard Road today, of course not just the event down at Plaza Singapura only, since I didn't play any down there.

Today, there was a 20% down at Kinokuniya, so first thing was to head down there when we reached Orchard.

Bought myself some Manga and Light Novels with money dig out from my shoe hidden spot.

Finally, a period of waiting was a good choice for me to get cheap manga, other than from Comic Connection, thank from a friend of mine.

Finally reached back home with a big bleeding, don't worry, there no blood lost here.

A set of sushi, bought by my sister, was awaiting me, I really miss the day of eating Sushi as supper myself, which I used to stay at Orchard or City Hall so late, so I can rush to buy all the "Offer at cheap price" Sushi as dinner.

That was how I used to say my money, but what I didn't expect, was that I actually received a challenge from my sister friend, on who can eat the most sushi.

Hmm... Look like I will have to prepare myself for that day, but as for now, a nice shower with a enjoyable Sushi supper is currently waiting for me (*v* ;;)
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