Monday, March 12, 2012

Cross-dressing All Boy School

Alt Name:
Reversible School Life
Author: Suemitsu Dicca
Published in WAal! , Ichijinsha

Manga - Chapter 1 - 8 [Oncoming]

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Too all the Male Students who want to Cross Dress, ever want to attend a school which allow you to cross dress?

Shuu Kaidou was sent to an all Boy School due to an issue at his previous co-ed school.
Unknown to him, there is one rule where half of the boys in school must cross-dress, and exchange on the next following week.

So basically you get to be like a gentle girl for one week, and a manly guy in the next.

Considering that ALL the "Girls" are boys in cross-dressing sure can misled you, and despite all the "Fan Service" in this manga, I just have to laugh at those little silly joke that this Manga could come up with.

If I was to attend this school, I will sure get the scare out of my life, just like Shuu, accounting that there are actually gay in this.

Not stopping on Love for that, but what amazed me in this Manga, is that the author is in Boy Love, but with a twist of Cross Dressing.

Considering in to some boy love manga I briefly read, this one actually let me take some time to read and laugh at how boy who cross dress can misled another guy, or other way around.

Joining Shuu in the cross-dressing are Tsubaki Yaezaki, the first "girl" help shuu to cross-dress, Matsuyuki Touma, Shuu's Room Mate, and Natsume Aoi, the class rep.

Surprising in this Manga, there are some tips on how to use the make-up, so Girls who are unsure on make-up or Boy who want to look pretty, you may take a peek into this manga.

But remember, this IS Manga that we reading on \(*A*;;)
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