Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wearing a Hairband

As mentioned in my previous post (@Grabbing a hairband), I am finally wearing my hairband bought by my sister.

And just to share some interesting ways on how hairband can be used, and not just wearing over your head to comb back your fringe only

So let started with the many uses of the wonderful Hairband!

If your hairband is thick one like what I wearing, you may actually wear it to cover your eye and act as if you're wearing a sunglasses or shade, and look cool with it!

But not recommended by me as you will be unable to see where you're heading.

If you are playing some games or giving a surprise party, this could replace a blindfold if you can't find one at that point of time.
If you want to wear a collar, this amazing hairband is your best bet!

Cheap and fitting to your neck, you can wear it and take a walk around with your loved one.

But do note, there are some assassins who used hairband to strangle their victims! Just joking (*x*; )

Seen those character who wear arm band in Manga and Anime, and wish to be like them?

Wait no more, this hair band is also an band for you to wear over your arm!

It cheap and fitting, to the point that you wouldn't know that you actually drop it while wearing it! (^u^ ;;)

Didn't aware that even hairband is so fitting to the point that I can wear it on my leg!

But like an Armband, please beware when you drop it while taking a walk though..

But to look cool with it over your legs, please wear short pants and in no time, will many people start to take notice of you! (*w* )
Important Notes:-
1. Please take good care of it by giving it a good bath and wash to ensure that no oil, dirt or other dirty stuff on it before you wear it.

2. Place it on your own table, otherwise it will disappear! (most likely another girl took it)

3. It a very fragile item, please do not use force to snap, break or crush it! (*w* ;;)
There are many different hairband in the world, but the one which my sister bought for me is made in Korea!

At the price of $3.90 SGD, I can use it for many many purpose, so don't wait, go to the nearest store to take a peek for the hairband! (^w* ;;)

As for me, I will wearing mine, but I just wondering, where did I place my "Sure Victory" Hachimaki Handband that I bought in Japan....

More information on Hairband (@Wiki)

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