Monday, March 19, 2012

Thing (targeted) to get after a little walk

Went with my friend today to get his SSD today, and looking at how things go, I will be targeting this little one once I dig up some money from somewhere.

What I find it amazing is that, just one Solid State Drive is more than enough to let you feel the speed in your computer, to the point that, when you switch On your PC/Laptop, the waiting time is shorten a lot.

With advise from my friend, look like this is one thing you must have, inside your desktop! (`・ω・´)”

 Taking a walk at Sim Lim Square, Singapore make me realized that there are many thing I still lacking, but as far as a normal usage, is really a good bargain, thank to my friend.

Amazing, I still can play game in this DIY Desktop.

Still I was checking for some stuffs, when my cat jump onto my book shelf, to inspect the duct... (^・ω・^ )

But what I was digging out was my web camera, which was bought during my poly life, and amazing, it still working fine...

So saved some money on web camera. (^w^ )

So currently, it will hidden right behind Rei for now. But no worry, I wouldn't switch the camera on, unless needed. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

sub by Red Hawks Scan

Taking into consideration that Money is what make the world go round, it really kind of hard to even eat free lunch.

But when I read on this chapter this week, I am so amazed on how the story progress to the point that I was thinking; "You got to be joking..." (@_@ |'')

As continued from it previous chapter (@354), Hayate has to think up some way to come up with some money to treat the girl.

As Hayate is well known for his misfortune, it seem like that he still manage.

There are many different new models around in store, but what make me find this chapter funny is how the lady can actually mistake an MD for Ipod 【・ヘ・?】 

But what this chapter is targeting is that Hayate is doing some bartering trade around, and amazing, a trash to one people is actually a treasure to other.

And yet, when I take a look around my room, I find it amazing just how much treasures is my bookshelf currently holding...
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