Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another break with Laughter

My Mum bought this some times ago, and when I take a little peek, I just had to laugh to the point of stomachache.

It about a show on Pan-kun (@wiki) doing human errand like buying or collecting stuffs, and even sending bento to his favor grandpa.

I just have to get my respect to the trainer who take his time and patience on the young chimpanzee and the bulldog.

If you're in Japan, and wish to take a looky on this Pan-kun, you might want to go to Cuddly Dominion, a zoo at Kumamoto Prefecture of Kyushu (@HomePage)

Born in 2001, Pan-kun learn how to be like  ahuman, and I am amazed on how he can do so many stuffs, but got in trouble due to James, the bulldog.

There are some touching scene, but with the much laughter in it, I think I give out tear of laughter more.

But what can I say? He is really one clever chimp out there in Japan, and I won't mind taking my time to visit there when I going over to Japan someday.

As I did mentioned yesterday, I got a few Manga and Light Novels during my trip to Orchard Road, I seem like I will have to clean my bookshelf, and maybe another shelf rearrangement.

Even some of my girl in boxes want some fresh air around here in my room, and yet I still putting in the box prison, but due to dirt and duct, I will try to get some glassy to display them.

Dirt around my room is getting more each day, so they will have to leave, and hopefully to find my hachimaki hairband, and some other misplace stuffs.

Maybe another trip walking to IKEA is in place to take a little peeky.

But considering the number of stuffs to do, I really wonder how I going to rush on going about, but I not going to regret, since all had happened and past by.
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