Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiding Spot Changing

Was given a sign from the Jade Rabbit to change some furniture Position in my room, and of course no way I can deny from my Mum.

The furniture in my room been re-position many time, and you can peek at how my room was like.

Did some packing and threw some boxes to the top of my Wardrobe, which lucky that my wardrobe is of the right height.

To think that the wire can be very messy, but at least they are un-seen-able for now.

When there is no space at bottom level, then just throw them up if there are some space, and that the same way to how I place my figurines boxes at the top of my bookshelf.

It not like I would be using them, but I keeping them until the warranty are over, and the Razer Set I using are still fine.

Previously set with 2 Screen, but now I return back  to just the TV, as I not using the smaller one.

My Imouto might be needing it, but that decide at a later timing. And I still some cleaning need to be done to ensure that the dirt and duct are gone.

They sure never stop working or even receive my permission or invitation to my Hiding Spot.

Even I got a headaches just handling the wires and cable, but in the end it turn out good, and they are all hidden at the back, which almost un-seen-able.

Tying them up wasn't that easy, but the end result is good. Having many good stuffs like Speakers and PS3 is good, but the problems is always the wire and cable.

I also place my CPU to the top position next to my TV, and good thing the Level of the PC Table isn't too high. If not my PS3 at the side will be a problem.

To think that I was worrying the position might be an issue, and I had to keep most figurine to one side first. It turn out more better than what I expected initially.

I would give myself a pat on the shoulders, but I would prefer a massage instead, and some Anime / Manga Peeking too.

There are some Light Novels I still peeking, and later on I will be into Figurines Peeking for the Weekly Figurines Report.

The Speakers which I bought turn out really good, and I would prefer to stay at the current level. If I get used to better Speakers, it would be hard to de-grade to lower type of Speaker.

I even like the bass when I listening to some Music. Still I can't max the volumes cos it would disturb anyone outside of my hiding spot, and it wouldn't be a hiding spot if the sound is going to alert other people.

In anyway, time to relax a while before I go back to Figurines Peeking.
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