Friday, October 26, 2012

Walking Session at Bugis

Today went for some Walking session around Bugis over 3 different shopping street; Bugis+ (Illuma), Bugis Street and Sim Lim Square.

Did a few grabbing myself, which was a good bargain since I was looking out for some stuffs myself, like some clothes, a bag and a internal Harddisk since my computer not enough to store those anime.

Yes, I need to grab a 2 TB Seagate Hard Disk so I can peek into more Anime and to do some review myself.

Games wise will be depending on what got me Sparkly Eye Activated, and if the game is really worth that Clean Hands Grabbing.

Even when I do some posting, I would consider whether to buy first, or go to my nearest game shop to rent for 1 day just to check it out.

I lacking in some long sleeves clothes and lucky Uniqlo was offering some of them at SGD 9.90, which I grabbed 3 for myself, 2 for my dad, and my Imouto got 3. Mum would share with my Imouto sometime.

I tend to kick off my blanket, which is why I wear long sleeve and pant when sleeping, but if the weather is very hot, den i got for short sleeve / pant.

I don't own an Air-con, but I love to place my Fan next to me, which my Grandmother and mother would say a lot unless I wear those long sleeve and pant.

Also, the current long sleeve at Uniqlo seem to let one keep warm when wearing it, so it would suit best when at cold places / offices. Cold Countries / places, den consider grabbing those clothes at Uniqlo that got the "HeatTech" on them.

They sure really keep warm, and I also grab a bag and a cap from Uniqlo, and to think that I also got their Sock.

Maybe a matter of time before they also release shoe, and I would really go and grab it if it for male wear too.

Then I will all Uniqlo set and ready to go for more walking session.

Yes, they do have slipper which is wear at home, and I really like the one I wearing at home which I bought during one of my walking trip. It very soft and good for the feet.

Seem like I need to pack my wardrobe again before I continue peeking into Light Novel, and if you are wondering which one to peek, consider Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu or Madan no Ou to Senki, which you can take a few peeking at Baka-Tsuki.

As for now, maybe a good nice Shower would do nicely..

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