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Otasuke Miko Miko-chan

Otasuke Miko Miko-chan
Rescue Maiden MIKO

Creator - Hiroichi

Series - Manga
4 Chapers so far
[No Volume yet]
Published in Waai!, Ichijinsha

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Story Started with Ayumu Mikoshiba, a Junior High Students whose Family runs an old shrine, with very few worshiper.

In order to revive the Shrine, Ayumu was chosen by his parents to be the next Magical Girl in line, as he is the only child.

Trap here -> A Junior High Boy going to Cross-Dress and transform into a Magical Girl, to bring peace to the town.

Somehow easily Shy, having pretty skin, small in height and look cute like a girl.

Well, due to all those pointers, many did mistaken him for a girl instead, I even laughed at the part where he was "Transform" by someone by choosing Cute Clothes and helping him on Make-up.

It all done to let Ayumu able to understand Girl, as he is being trained by Fuu-Chan, a Talking Mascot, and I laughed again when Ayumu need to change into a Maiden Shrine clothes with very short skirt.

Yes, he got no powers himself.

Even Fuu-chan seem to trained him to be a girl instead, and Ayumu need to Cross Dress before his Training start, as he lack in how to be a normal girl.

Well, he did beat a robber in the first chapter without any powers, though I wonder just how fast did he change into that costume.

But the training main purpose seem to not only made Ayumu to be a good Magical Girl, but also to make both his mind and heart same as a girl, and good thing is that he look like a girl himself.

Kind of remind me another Ayumu who also Cross dress into a Magical Girl too. If this Ayumu is a Macho Guy, I would laugh till my stomach really hurt.

Well, at least the Creator go towards a Girly-looking boy.

Also, Fuu-chan gave him the name Miko-chan to cover up his real name, and even telling Ayumu that he must say the name before Action, no matter what the cost even if the situation is an Emergency.

I also amazed about a newly (and funny) created Background about Miko-chan, which caused Ayumu to give a few Punchline and to his own dismay.

He still follow the "Rules" set by Fuu-chan anyway.

Another interesting thing to note is that he got 2 precious friends, with very funny Fetish.

Wakaba Kimura got Sexual thought toward him for being a cute boy, or even an Angel. And Souichi Makita seem to think Ayumu as a girl. They also tend to be helping Ayumu most the time.

Ayumu's attitude and personality seem to let other think Ayumu as a girl, even his height is around Wakaba.

On other hand, even when Ayumu transform into Magical Girl Miko-Chan, he do get mistaken for Cosplaying by some other, and I also laugh on the point that he give Advertising Paper to Passer-by to help promote his Family Shrine.

Well, I can understand a Shrine selling Charm and stuffs, but Promo Items, and even Ayumu Image Dakimakura!?

That just hit me hard and I really laugh after reading on the part where Ayumu's mum selling item on Magical girl Miko-chan, while Ayumu's Dad create a home page on Miko-chan.

Another interesting to note, Ayumu's mum is the previous Magical Girl, and to think that his mum did point out that Ayumu can talk to people normally, while Cross-Dressing.

A good proof is when he talk to Strange, and able to help or give advice, when he normally would stagger when talking to stranger.

Also, promoting of Miko-chan did earn his family some income, and he do get his own fans. And for someone with a Magic Staff but no power, I didn't though of using it to whack other people instead.

Well, it's a Weapons, if you think it that way.

For a short Manga Peeking, me and my friend did find this interesting and funny. Sad thing is that the release is very long, which one might forget about this manga some time later, so best is to bookmark this Manga and check in at the start of each Season.

Or just follow or subscribe to the Manga.

As far as I Peeked, do you need help from the Cross Dressing Magical Boy, Otasuke Miko Miko-chan?

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