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Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
(Blade Dance of Spiritualist)

Creator - Shimizu Yuu


Light Novel
Drawn by Sakura Hanpen
Published by Media Factory
8 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Drawn by Yoshihira Zenzai
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
4 Chapters [Discontinued]
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Drawn by Hyouju Issei
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
2 Chapters [Ongoing]
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Story Plot started with Kazehaya Kamito, a male Spiritualist who was summon by the Head Master of the All-Girls Alessia Spiritual Academy, which Maidens from Noble Family were taught on how to be a Spirit Contractor.

But what he saw when he got lost in the Spirit Forest was a Naked Girl taking a bath in the river, Claire Rouge, of the the Student at the Academy, well known as Hell Cat Claire.

It is mentioned that only Maiden (Female) are able to communicate with the Spirits and form Contract with them. Also in order to protect the Purity of their Body and Mind, they were taught to stay away from Male.

Due to that, they got very interesting, funny and weird Impression about Male. Plus the previous only Male Spirit Contractor was the Demon Lord.

Due to that, Kamito got a very bad reputation right off the bat, since he the next only Male Spirit Contractor around, and he was blackmailed and force to be enroll into the Academy by the Head Master, GreyWorth.

Having gotten a bad start with Claire, in order to save her from a rampaging Sealed Spirit which she released and hoped to form contract with it, Kamito had to form a contract with the Sealed Spirit Sword.

Not sure what promised he made with another Spirit or who ever the girl he promise with, but he had gotten Claire Mad for taming the Sealed Spirit she want to contract with.

Due to that, she want to make Kamito her Slave / Servant, much to his Dismay though those are not the only misfortune that going to happen to him only.

After escaping from Claire after being dragged by her to the Academy, Kamito also gotten bad impression with the School Knight, Ellis Fahrengart, who take care of the School Moral and Order, much like a normal School Committee.

And later, Rinslet Laurenfrost, classmate of Kamito and Claire's Rival, is very keen on making Kamito her Servant too, and from what I see, you can expect many of the Girls in this story to be Tsundere girls.

Claire might be the prefect fit.

GreyWorth, the Female Head Master of the Academy summoned Kamito to her school, not only to enroll him as one of the students, but also want him to take part in the Events, Blade Dance.

It a competition where Spiritualists gather and compete with each other, and the winner will get the blessing from the Elemental Lord, and a "Wish" granted.

What gotten me peeking into this Story was the Manga first, before I started up on the Light Novel, and also the story plot itself is very interesting in few points.

I know there one other Light Novel where only Girl can pilot Mecha and the only male pilot appearance shook that World. But this story where only Maiden can commute with Spirit is similar in some ways.

Different is that Kamito is not the first, as there was a previous Male who misuse of that Spirit Contract Power. Though Kamito is the only Male student in the Academy, like Ichika from Infinite Stratos which I was talking about.

Another thing to note is that Spirits in this story can range from Animals to Divine God, and the greatest one are the 5 Elemental Lords. In order of one can materialize one into Weapons Form to be use in Combat / Duel / Fight.

Another interesting about Kamito is about his misfortune, which seem to be like Hayate and Touma. Doing thing like Normal, but some things or Stuffs just have to happen to him, like his suppose to be his house gotten burnt down just on his first day.

Or gotten into Trouble, which mostly involve Girls, which is the reason why I mentioned his misfortune seem to be like the 2 other Main Characters, well, the girls in this story case is most of them are Knights and Princess, not just any Noble too.

Well, all 3 of the main Characters have a girl who give them more trouble than they can hope for too, which made the story very interesting to peek into.

Also, what really gotten me to read the Light Novel was that I wanted to know what was the promise Kamito made with some girl, and more on his History, which happened 3 years before the Story Arc.

As far as I peeked, do you want to enroll in the All Noble Girl Spirit Contractor Academy in Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu?

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