Friday, October 5, 2012

Madan no Ou to Senki

Madan no Ou to Senki (Senhime)
The King of the Magic Arrow and the Vanadis

Creator - Kawaguchi Tsukasa


Light Novel
Published by Media Factory
Arts by Yoshi*o
5 Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Baka

Published in Comic Flapper, Media Factory
Arts by Yanai Nobuhiko
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Baka
Peek a little @Batoto

Story start with Tigre, a minor nobility and the young Feudal lord governing a small district of the Brune Kingdom.

Despite that, his skills with a bow is dead on his target, and he do plan his attack and his number of arrow before shooting.

What happened after he been defeated by the invading Zhcted is going to change his live, and somehow unexpectedly.

The invading Zhcted got 7 Vanadis, beautiful Goddesses of War who hold weapons blessed to them by Dragon. They also govern and reign over 7 territories individual.

Lucky for Tigre, He was spared by Ellen, one of the Vanadis and also the strongest of the 7 Vanadis. But He must served her in return.

Initially he govern over a small town, but he got very good relationship with town people, and even when the Brune King called in for Wars, the Town people stand up to support Tigre.

In turn of number, Brune Kingdom would win by 23,000 more soldiers, but what come worst for them is that the Commander, which happened to the prince, die during that very battle.

Not sure how Brune Kingdom going to handle that, but Ellen take Tigre as her Prisoner of War, want him to serve her, and for some reason, very interesting in him. You can also said that she later on loves him.

When they fight together, they also make good combo, which can defeat many who stand in front of them.

But there are someone who also after him, like Titta (Tigre's Maid) who had faint love for him, but he think of her as his sibling.

Another after his life is Rim, who is Ellen's aide. Well, Rim got a very bad start with Tigre due to her horse being shot dead by him in the first chapter, and he hold on to her waist when riding on her back.

The one enjoying is Ellen though, and her personality / way of doing things seem to be like Erica of Campione.

They both are very good Sword woman, and pretty with long hair too, but different Hair color.

One thing which they do that seem to be the same is how they can play and tease the main Hero and getting them all Blush up.

What got me Sparkly Eye Activated on the first peek for this Manga, is simply due to my random clicking on this, and further peeking into this got me want to know more what happened next.

Did a quick check over Google and I was all Buff up because it's based on a Light Novel first. Seem like a Walking Session to Kinokuniya is in place.

Just hope the Chinese name is nowhere Far from the Japanese name.

So far one chapter is released on-line, but what got me shocked when it First Volumes is out, which meant that I really need to check it out.

Sometime, I don't buy a Manga until I take a peek into it first and once it activated my Sparkly Eyes -> That is!

As Far as I peeked, do you want to get a peek at the powerful 7 Vanadis with their Dragon Blessed Weapons in Madan no Ou to Senki?

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