Thursday, October 25, 2012

Medaka Box Anime Season 2

めだかボックス アブノーマル
Medaka Bokkusu Abunōmaru
Medaka Box Abnormal

Creator - Nisio Isin
Drawer - Akira Akatsuki


Chapter 1 - 168 | 17 Volumes [Oncoming]

Directed by Shouji Saeki
Studio - Gainax

Season 1
12 Episodes [Completed]

Season 2
3 Episodes so Far | Claimed to be 12 Episodes in total [Ongoing]

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Did you peek into the Manga / Anime which I shown once in my previous post about this Series?

Find it not logical, weird and something not right about it? Well, try reading up to the latest chapters in the Manga and you might find it totally out it Manga.

I really give my salutes to the 2 Creators for even making this Manga this far, and I really enjoying this Series which twist the story plot until I can't stop peeking into this Series no matter how I try not to.

The last Anime season end with the Arc before the Abnormal Class 13, which funny to the point that there must be 13 Students inside.

But there are more to the number than it meet the end, and one of the initial students will be someone Medaka know herself.

Also, about time her elder brother decided to show up and even telling the whole group that Zenkichi is just a normal person who finally confessed to Medaka to marry him based off the latest Manga chapters.

Peek into the Manga if you wanna know what happened since I can say the Anime Season 2 wouldn't even cover up to that point, unless the Creator decided to play Trolling.

Which the both of them loves to.

In any sense about the latest Anime Season 2 of Medaka Box, it really based off the Abnormal Class 13 Arc, which is the 3rd third which you can just peek into the Manga headfirst, but best just to wait for the Anime since the Action would be more nice and fun to peek into.

Well, if you are into Spoiler, then go head and peek, but if you really want to know more, then also peek ahead into the Manga.

You can excuse yourself by saying that the Manga is different from Anime, which is why I tend to peek into Manga first then Anime.

The current story arc will be more action-packed, more story twisted, and  dramatic than the previous Season, and if you wonder why?

Because I based off what I peek into the Manga, and this Anime seem to follow the Manga Story plot in some ways, which is unlike Hayate no Gotoku Season 3 which I peeked.

I'm not really sure how the Creators make the School which got a system of Normal, Specials and Abnormal Students, but that is not all to it, since there will be more additional to the system.

What I can say is that you will expect some Mind twisted and logic gone from this Anime, and if you think that there will be more talking instead, then you can expect that this Arc will also have more Fighting.

But this Manga isn't much into Fighting or Slice of Life, but being played by the hands of the Creators, where they also play a big frank on Zenkichi fighting for Medaka's affection.

And to think that he was the first one who reject Medaka's request for marry when they first meet at the age of 2. I really give my hat to Medaka for saying that to Zenkichi, but in the end Zenkichi ask for Medaka's hand in marry which she accepted, but there were some Twisty and Illogically plot done by the Creator.

Not that I minded, and each time I try to stop myself to peek into the Manga; I can't and I been peeking into the Story until the Anime Season 1 and 2 were out.

As far as I peeked, do you want to enroll into the Twisty, Illogical and Abnormal School in Medaka Box?


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