Monday, May 28, 2012

Akame Ga Kill!

Akame ga Kiru!

Author - Takahiro
Artist Tashiro Tetsuya

Published in Gangan Joker, Square Enix

Series - Manga [5 Volumes, Ongoing]

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Read a little @Batoto | @Mangareader

Story started with Tatsumi, a fighter who aim to earn money at the capital, so he can send back the money to his village.

He also lost both of his childhood friends when they were attack before the story started.

As he reached the capital, he was not acknowledge by the officers, and to top it off, he was robbed first hand by a pretty girl.

As he was about to give up, another pretty girl took him back home, with the family giving him food and shelter, and even offering help to look for his lost friends too.

As he is taken in by the nice family, he later was informed by on the family guard about the corruption in the Palace, how the current emperor is actually a child who being manipulated by the Minister.

Sending heavy Tax, doing "shadow" work, all being done by the Evil  Minister, which anger Tatsumi.

A group of Assassins, Night Raid, target high ranking or wealthy people, reason why the nice family having guard protecting them, and warning Tatsumi to be careful.

Unknown to them, they are the next target to the Night Raid list later that night. And what made this story twist at first, is that Night Raid are portrayed as bad guys first.

Turned out that the reason why the "Nice" family are being targeted and being killed off by the Night Raid, is that the family hold a very dark secret; They take in unexpected victims, treat them nicely, before drugging them and tortured the victims to death.

Sadly for Tatsumi, both of his childhood friends had fallen victim to the family before him, though one of them is "alive" enough to warn him and told him the truth before passing off.

I must say the Artist is very good in drawing Bloody scenes, so I recommend you be mentally prepared, and don't imagine about the scene for too much.

Good thing that this manga is only Black and White, I don't really want to imagine red ink in this.

Luckily for Tatsumi, turned out that the pretty girl who robbed him previously is actually a Night Raid, and she save him from being killed, and showing him the truth behind the corruption in the Capital; It didn't start from the Evil Minister only, it had spread to the high Ranking and some wealthy.

To save the innocents, the Night Raid kill off those who are corrupted, but of course they do a check beforehand to see if the corruption is true or not.

But they're still Assassins, not any Hero, and they do kill off people, in a bloody way.

Tatsumi later join the Night Raid, due to his reason of wanting to save the innocent.

I do find this Manga very interesting, though it bit of bloody in the scene, fighting and even story plot.

I like how both Evil and Good is being manipulated by the author, like how the Good guys is actually the bad, and the Bad being the good.

But as the story go, it actually depend on how the characters are being viewed, being the Good guys are good, though they are also view as bad.

I was shocked at first how a nice little innocent girl can turn into a reckless Evil. That one way of putting that "some girl are evil by heart, though they look good on the outside"

But what I really surprised is that the author and the artist really portrayed the Evil Minister in the "Normal" way; A big fat, always seem eating, truant, power hunger minister.

Well, It really suit him as the king more than a minister though.

I found this nice manga, again when peeking at Batoto first, and the word; "Kill" actually caught my sparkly eye first, which is kind of embarrassing, but I not the kind of person who like bloody thing though.

I hate getting Nightmare from bloody or scary thing, thus why I like normal, or nice fantasy genre. But I wonder was it because that I was playing Mass Effect 3 before I go peeking on some Manga and Anime.

I was also re-peeking Bakemonogatari around the same time too.

If you wish to read a bit of nice little bloody thing, then maybe you might want to take a little peek into the corrupted Capital of Akame ga Kiru!
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