Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 20 May 2012

Let keep short and simple for now, and let peek into what I been reading/watching for now.

I also been peeking in some other Anime like Accel World and Jormungand, so I will be doing some simple little comment on them next week.

As far as most of the series had went up too, they most probably ending in June, since there are many other new series being scheduled for flight in July.

Mada's Figurines Report 15/05/12
This week, I had peeked into some figurines in their swimsuits, and it seem like there are even more coming out each week.

So tomorrow, I will be peeking into some more new figurines, but I must say that this week those figurines are very nice, and I love the way their eye are very detail, and the way their hair are fix.

It let you feel like there are some wind blowing around, even I can felt it too despite my room being hot like a sauna.

In fact I got an electrical fan blowing right next to me, but it nice to know that my room is a free Sauna, which I don't need to go out to pay for one.

And it also seem like my practical driving license are nearing to it tail, I wonder if the Neko at the void deck would let me touch it tail.

There are also some other cute Neko too, and I wonder if they do Eat something. Stray pet are attract to people who feed them some food.

Also, I been to some walking sessions, but there are nothing much to peek or show around for now, since I was on errand, though it would be nice if I can do some walking session at Shinshu Ueda and Karuizawa like Danny choo did.

Well, Singaporean mostly wear thin clothes, since it always "Summer" all day, but due to the recent heat, I getting free Sauna in my own room, and headache when I on some walking session.

But the famous thing to do around is to imagine, while during the hot weather; "It's very cold".

Or just imagine I on a long cold road, but for now, a nice cold shower should do the trick. If you're interested, you may want to also peek into some of the past report. o(>w<)o

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