Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting test to be a breeze

After managing to though the final theory, what left is the driving practical, which date I yet to get one, since it not very cheap to book for one test.

It do cost around SGD $200 for the test, since the fee include car rental, and yet the actual test is confirmed to be a short one.

Another thing to confirm is that the AFA Malaysia is just around the corners, and I'm sure many are planning ahead for this nice little events.

Hopefully, I am able to get a slot and pass my test before the day, but it kind of hard though.

Currently, I back to re-watching some anime, like Toaru Majutsu No Index, though tomorrow, I will be polishing some post like Accel World and some others.

Watching Anime or reading Manga is something I do to just clear my mind and relieve the stress in my mind and heart.

I didn't know biting someone else head can relieve the stress of the one who bite, and make the one who been bitten to be clever though.

Though I forgotten to bring my Hachimaki for the test, but at least the good thing is I passed with full marks!

I actually did a lot of practical before I go for the test though. (=x= ||")

Well, study and practice a lot is one to let test be a piece of cake, since it best to attend the same questions many times, just to remember the answers/steps for the questions.

But I did some praying beforehand, and one must be always be grateful for what was given, though I got some thing in my room broken off same time I passed the test though.

There are Good thing, and bad thing, which I always say; it very Balance~

Anyway, got one load off my shoulder, and look like tonight will be a sweet dream, before my lessons tomorrow.

Good day to all~
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