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Ookami-san and her 7 Companions

Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Alt Name
Okamisan and her Seven Companions
Created by Masashi Okita
Drawn by Unaji
Published by ASCII Media Works

Light Novels - Volumes 1 - 12
Manga - 3 Volumes [Ongoing] - Drawn by Kurumi Suzushiro
Anime - 12 Episodes - Directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki

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It is another nice story which make good bases on famous story like Little Red Riding Hood, and other Fables story.

Story started with a fierce eyes, Ookami Ryouko, a strong-willed girl who is part of a 'trading' club known as Otogi High School Bank.

It a club where they help their clients with their problem, in return, the clients will help them out later.

If there is one thing I praising the Creator, I must say it the way each character is named.

This was released on 2010, later than Toradora, and by the same studio; 'J.C. Staff'.

Which I initially mistake Ryoko for grown up Taiga due to some 'similiar' points; Hair-style and .. er..
washing board...

Both are voiced by different voice actress, so that was the thing which make me back on path for this anime.

Although I must say that Ryoko is one of those rare Tsundere, where she show a strong willed front, but is a kind heart person.

When watching this anime, I must forget about the original Fables, who the character are based off.

I am amazed at the Creator in making the main Male character into a scary cat, although he is based off on the brave Hunter who save Little Red Riding Hood from the big bad wolf.

He got Scopophobia, so the way to counter him is to just stare blankly at him for a few seconds and he gone case.

But he still a strong fighter when he hid in the dark.

 If the famous saying "A wolf in sheep's clothing' is apply, then it more better to say that Ryoko is actually "A sheep in Wolf's clothing."

Even I am surprised that Ringo Akai (based on Little Red Riding Hood), can be a little bit Sadist, and very scheming too.

A very good thing to note on is that even the president and secretary of the club is based on the 'Ant and the Grasshopper" story.

As I watch the anime, and again a few times, I really like how even the anime can go, showing how strongly each characters are.

 For example, Liszt, the president of the club, based off on the playful without doubt or care.

In the story, he also do not do any work, but in fact, he very good in cross dress, and a very sharp person. In contract to the Ant ' Alice' who is hardworking, but she is very caring.

There are also other character "Otsu", "Taro" and "Otohime", which all sum up to the "7 Companions" of Okami-san.

Another thing to note is the Creator playing on their name too.

The story is also based a bit on "Slice of Life" arc plot, which can be seen in the anime, though there is an 'Okami-san's past life' arc, which show why she decided to be a strong will person.

This hold some truth in real life, as a incident is more than enough to cause someone to change a little bit, be it big or small.

But the only running gag which never change is the sarcastic and offensive Narrator who always make a very nice effort in making her comments or remarks, in any part of the story.

Another early one would be the Staring at Ryoshi. But later change to Ryoko and Ryoshi being together, and I wonder why they both start with "Ryo" as for their first name.

I do like how they mix in May'n "Ready Go" in the opening, which one of my favor song in the lists.

But I like how they go with the story plot and each day of life.

As for now, have you decided to (re-)peek into this little nice Fables world of Okami San with her 7 Best Companions?
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