Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paper Figurines

As continued from yesterday post, today just some reviewing on some item that caught hold of my sparkly eye.

This time, there is something that is bugging me about paper figurines, which not only look sharp, but cute as well.

Miku Hatsune
Inori Yuzuriha
Madoka Kaname
Homura Akemi

Other paper characters, you can just the word "Paper" and search on site like Amiami.

Paper figurines (known as Paper Craft) are actually cheap and easy to have, and they look so cute!

Though their movement is very limited, but having them sitting down in front of your desk, or working table is more than enough.

They are very healthy to the eye too! I do want to grab one with my clean hand too.

As far as I peek into, there are many different varies of paper figurine, and you can choose to paste your love's face on the paper figurine face, if you wish too.

They are also very easy to make, with some glue and scissor.

They all (most of them) about 11cm tall, so they're not actually that small, plus making it from paper to it form is really worth it!

At least you'll notice that you put in efforts to make it! And it best to treasure it bit more, in recognized to your effort to making paper figurine(s).

There are so many different uses for it, and not sure putting on your table! Since you can place it on your shoulder/head, your TV top or bookshelf.

If I gotten my clean hands on one, I'll wonder what I would make use of it. Though, how would you make  use of it?
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