Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Planned Walking Session 2

It been a while I seen Danny choo post after his one of the big events, AFA Malaysia 2012 a few days ago, and arriving back in Tokyo.

And Good thing I still get to take a peek at his AFA Booth on his post, which I missed, having unable to go for the event.

I wonder if Danny Choo will introduced a custom-made Nets Flash cards in Singapore, like the "Touch and Go" he introduced. Wouldn't mind getting one myself. (*x* |")

With so much nice Anime Song on the run, I can't help but to squeeze all into my 8 Gbs Ipod Nano, which is kind of impossible, as I need to remove some music, and my Ipod only consist of only Anime Music and some Games Background Music like BlazBlue and Final Fantasy XIII.

Not that I hate other type like Korean Music or what, I like them though I don't play them as much as Japanese Anime Song though. And I normally on the player instead of my computer, so I can read my Manga slowly. (*w* |")

When I go out, instead of taking Iphone or hand-held game console, I normally just stare blankly at the wall while listening to the music. Most of the time I wonder if my stare blankly face and thinking seriously face is the same, which my friends always mistaken.

Not good for me if I over-thinking stuffs or not even thinking, since blogging is also one healthy way to prevent rusting of the brain. (=x= |")

Been playing some games for a while, from PS3 to Wii, and even back to PSP and PC, and Xiong Mao prefer White Wii over Black PS3. ( TT w TT )

As noted from many previous walking session, most of the walking sessions are actually me taking a short walk over at the place, before aimlessly wandering down the path and wonder if I would be able to take a peek at interesting things.

Currently many place in Singapore is having GSS (Great Singapore Sale), so there are many different item on sale, and the reason why I went to Uniqlo with my family to get some clothes. And this time, I taking a peek over to see if there some cheap Item I able to grab with my clean hand.

I been biting on nothing but instant noodles for past few days, so I need some healthy bite like Yakisoba, Curry Rice or even Ramen down at Orchard! My taste bud is very picky! Although Ion Orchard got so many nice bite down there, which mostly make me think for so long to decide on which one to take a bite on. (^w^ |)

Actually going out and taking a peek on things give no harm, but gain good experience, cos it better than hiding at home, which I would dare to admit and confirm. I prefer to "emo" at home than go out, and my friends would mistaken me as an outdoor person than indoor.

Actually it depend. I pretty much like interesting stuffs, and taking walking session is what make me decided to go out, while at home, I would peek into some stuffs or playing some games. If I not doing anything, it would usually mean I'm resting. (- _ -) zZ

The day before almost gave myself a shock due to nearly gotten a heart attack, though fortunately a good rest was all I needed. This mean I need to have a walking session in celebration! \(^o^)/

Hmm... I wonder if there anything interesting peeking that would catch my sparkly eye.  
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