Thursday, June 7, 2012

Denpa Kyoushi

Denpa Kyōshi
He Is an Ultimate Teacher

Creator - Azuma Takshi

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Series - Manga [Ongoing]
Published in Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan

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So far, as I peeked into this world, I find myself liking this manga more and more, due to how Kagami do things.

He is able to let people do what they want, and in some way, Kagami guide his students to what they can do. Even the trouble students "Big guy" can admit his lost and become part of the soccer team and continue to win.

Amazingly, the most shy girl who won't speak, can finally open up and speak, and now become the broadcaster of the school.

Funny thing is just how extreme can Kagami go, and though the arc of each characters is about 2 to 4 chapters, it just interesting on how thing can go.

Kagami himself do only interesting which he like, and he the one who was seem as a Genius by many, and scouted by a few company due to his work on science.

Good thing I was able to peek this nice manga with my sparkly eye, and read. Though I wonder if there are such thing happening in the real world.

But even though, it nice how this teacher can let student choose what they want, and guide them in their own path.

Funny thing is, he's bit of oblivious in some of the student girls' affections.

Kagami do have a fierce younger sister, who also the one who control his financial (basically money), and was the one who force him to work as a teacher.

And I wonder if the younger sister ever considered what cause his elder brother to change is her, and she seem like the one who got a brother complex.

Need to wait for more of the chapter to peek to know more.

If you're interested to know more, then you'll find it interesting to peek into the Otaku Teaching World in Denpa Kyōshi. 
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