Friday, June 29, 2012

Manga Peeking

I yet to read them
Sometime I wonder why do Manga series book don't come out in an order so I can slowly peek into one book before another.

I do had to admit that I had some books that I yet to even touch or peek into yet.

And some of the series which I bought had yet to even go on-line yet, so I taking a peek into them. Mind you if you think I taking a quick peek; I read Manga very slowly, so I can enjoyed them more.

It depend on how a person peek into a manga book, since Anime is more prefer by many due to Voice, Effect, and Movement. I also peek into Anime too, and some of the Manga which I follow did come out with an Anime like Medaka Box etc.

I read it for Passion
I did started out peeking into Manga when I was a small little boy at 5yrs, when I used to live next door; my grandparents' house.

Yup, I still living next door to them, though the reason why I stay with them was that my parents had to work and was unable to take care of me.

Though got a few interaction, I got the less contact with my parents than my imouto when comparing our age.

Even when I "sneaked" into their bed; the next morning I'm back to my bed at my grandparents's house. It's not like I did want to experience something like "No Parents' love when being young", well, somehow when I recall my past; I did led some outrageous life.

And my uncle did let me peek into his collection like City Hunter (which I didn't knew it got an age limit), Detective Conan (a never ending series which I followed to this age), Doremon (who don't?).

BRS's new Dakimakura
The favorite one that I peek were Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2  (again with the age limit)

When I peeked into just 1 books; I can't be stop when there is another book near me, especially if it so happened to be the continuing of the first book that I peeked.

Even embarrassing is that I tend to forget about my meal, or even going for toilet for a while. Which is why I got some snack just in case I need to take a quick bite.

I only fully started to buy and follow Manga after I enter Polytechnic at the age of 16/17 (for your info if you're wonder just how old I was then). And frankly, I was only fully aware of Japan and what is "Manga" at then; I was taught by my parents on how to just study and get a job.

Yup, I had to learnt Sex education at school and personally, since my parents would say this; Dad: "You will go blind if you look at woman's chest or butt" or Mum: "You'll know what is those thing after you marry."

Which basically made me a laughing stock when I asked the teacher in the whole class; "What's a Condom?"

Do Manga sell near your hideout?
Pokemon Specials is actually the first ever Manga that I bought when I was very young, and still continuing now.

Nope, not Naruto which I bought during Poly.

What made it even funny was that I didn't aware that it was consider as Manga, which I though it was just a picture book instead.

My parents don't teach me those; they teach me what is "Study, then get a Job". I do believed that there're many with a outrageous life than mine, but even so, Peeking into Manga is what made it easily to let many know one thing; Reality.

So far as I peeked into, take a few minutes to recall; Did you peek into a Manga?
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