Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready

And sure enough due to my intuition about something bad may appear, it seem like again, I gotten sick today.

Should have taken care more, but today before a little shower, the Sun was shining brightly.

Well, I was helping my dad today early in the morning, woken up at 4am, and I will helping out again tomorrow.

Another thing to note that tonight there is Culture Japan Night at Malaysia, so I am really wondering what will be the main topic down their chatting box.

Started at 5pm anyway, as for tomorrow, I will be going to post a bit lot more on Anime and Figurines.

Let take thing to the Sea, and there are some similar point for figurine, for example; Let peek into the Sea, and what do you See?

Maybe a ship with Luffy and his crew on it!

Well, this my hint for what I going to peek and reveal tomorrow on Figurine Report. Got some stuffs to do today, but will be on Free Hand starting tomorrow noon.

Not an easy job to be frank; I need to carry some heavy load, though there are some very light one.

Not sure when my dad going to surprise me again and forcefully waking me up tomorrow, so tonight I need to still sleep in early, despite napping earlier.

My mum is nagging me to eat some dinner too, but I do want to take a nice clean shower before I go to bed.

And maybe peek into a few anime, and just a few past series just only recently caught my sparkly eye again.

Well, it's never too late to follow one series of manga or anime, it depend on how do you love it.

It really based on your own decision, as I'm really against forcing or stopping other people, I let the person choose, since it their own right, not mine.

Though there is one favorite saying, it best to do and regret, then never do it and regret. So there are many who do first, think later.

And as for me? Right now, I'm going to take a bite, then a shower, then peek a few anime before napping.

Well, starting tomorrow, going to get ready to spam some posts.
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