Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sparkly Eye

What eye is the best to use when something good happen or caught your interest? Yes! It sparkling / shining eye.

This type of eyes which is very common in most Anime or Manga to show that the character(s) is/are interested in something, mostly in a positive way for them.

There are many different uses and type of shining eyes, which can be used in different situations or cases.

And it more easier to notice is those who wear spectacles, due to the reflection. It didn't show the wearer's eye, so it can indicate just how the thing is very interesting for the wearer.

As for those who don't wear spectacles? A 4-pointed Star is replaced, which mostly on the eye of the characters.

The Stars are varies from different character or series of the anime/manga, so it depend on how they were drawn in the first place.

This sparkly eye always indicate something is going to happened, and is normally easy to predict what going to happen next.

And most of the thing happened to go smoothly for the one who got that sparkly eye.

Best to have your sparkly eyes up if you want to have thing go your way.

Another thing to notice in many shoujo anime or manga, big cute sparkling and shining eye is used, and my praise to them since that type of eye is very very hard to draw.

Even I stick to 4-pointed Star instead.

Sparkly eye can be used which the user is very interested in someone else stuffs, and use this eye on the one being questions.

This situations is very common in many Anime/Manga where it indicate the events as comical.

Some would say they use "puppy's eye", but I would prefer to say it as "Sparkly Eye"

The one being questions normally gave in to those who sparkly eye.

So if you want someone to go along with your plan, or you want to press them for something, you might want to consider using Sparkling eye, since it work for most cases happened in Anime and Manga.

There are cases where people use Sparkly Eye to force others.

And interestingly, the one who use the Sparkly eye are always smiling. This why most this Sparkly Eye is uses in mostly positive ways.

I, too, have a sparkly eye, and you can see the "smile" on my face too!

Anything that interest me, my eyes will sparkly. And it very easy to know when I start to stare at something.

I am a normal human, so don't expect my eye to show out the 4-pointed stars, or any lightning spark flying out from the eye.

I heard once that if you stare real hard with your sparkly eye, you might have psychic power! Best try staring at mirror or your pencil.

Staring at other, might earn yourself a free hit.

As mentioned earlier that Sparkly eye is normally used in positive cases, and the user of Sparkly Eye would naturally smile.

The one who seem it would jokingly "sweat", since they are the one to get in trouble.

 Even if the one with Sparkly Eye don't smile, they are normally in a happy situations, which is in favor for them.

So, best to avoid those which Sparkly eye, since I did said that thing would go their way, or you got no choice to reject them.

Sparkly eye can be used by anyone, from young to old, and from Male to female and human to non-human.

As I said, it depend on the situations or cases on when and how the sparkly eye being used.
Earlier mentioned that there are those who used Sparkly Eye to force other too.

So no matter what, if you seem one, best to run for it, else it problem and trouble for you. But don't expect other not to run when you're using Sparkly eye though.

There are cases where Sparkly Eye used when the user felt something must go their way, and those eye are more like beast eye den cute eye.

Scary enough, another type of Sparkly Eye is like a beast eye, which can show the killing intent of the user.

And if you peek into most of those who fall under this situations, they are still smiling!

This type of eye are commonly either Red or White, but what made me wondering is, how can they still laugh from it.

The only reason that I can think up is that it a good thing for them, thus the reason why I say those who used Sparkly Eye are in a positive situation, "only for them".

There are some cases where those who are using Sparkly Eye would somehow say their happy though out.

Saying thoughts out loud is another effects from Sparkly Eye, aside from smiling.

But again, the thought are normally positive things from the thought of the users, and "only for them" again.

I'm sure many who have something happy/positive event happened from, they would show their sparkly eye too.

Even if I would admit that my Sparkly Eye will activate when I walk into a Figurines Shop or Game Store.

Shook hand with May'n in 2011; not only my Sparkly eye activated, almost got a nosebleed.

Yup, I did shook hand with Scandals and May'n after their concert, and there are also many who shook hand with them too, though I not sure about their Sparkly Eye.

Another uses of Sparkly eye is to show to other that you are "harmless".

So, if you are someone with a killing intent, consider using it! Might get mistaken for "Beast's Eye" though.

Even so, it's a very good eye to start off with your day, and to let other know how happy you are.

With so many uses and type of Sparkly eyes that are being used by many people and characters.

Have you activate your Sparkly Eyes yet? (*w*)
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