Friday, June 22, 2012

Breezing through Orchard Road 2

Got some stuff to check out, so before anything, getting a bite early in the morning is the thing to go!

Interestingly, this nice recipe really hit the spot! Don't use too much Hot warm, and left it a bit longer.

Don't worry about it becoming sloppy, I was actually surprised when I took the first bite out of it; it really taste like Creamy Chicken, plus it very cheap.

Was going to Orchard Road for some walking session to check some stuffs, and taking a peek around while I'm at it.

And it just had to rain on that day in the afternoon, but good thing it was a short one; but the hot sun is also unwelcome though.

Good choice to make would be staying in the shopping to have some free air-con while doing some peeking around.

And sure enough there is something down at Takashimaya, Singapore.

So many thing to take a peek, and to be honest, The white gundam model didn't caught my sparkly eye first -  It was the Winnie the pooh on the left side of the picture, since near to it is something big.

Yup, my imouto love Winnie the pooh to the extreme, and first thing I look was Winnie, next come the something and white gundam.

In display, there are some prize winner model being showcase around, and those who build those models are really good!

The little competition between the Beyblade players didn't come that near interesting than the gundam model. I really like those little details they made for the model, and took a few shot for some nice peeking.

There are some discounts on the model being sold, but Black Rock Shooter Wallet will shoot me if I dare to buy one though.

The 3 main thing which I to peek at Takashimaya, Singapore is the big area, where  you have just seen in earlier picture, Kinokuniya and Best denki.

Kinokuniya is for me to peek around for some very light Novels, Manga, and/or some books. Sometime, I would go up one level to take a peek at Arts Friends to see if I need some art materials.

There used to have a lot of cheap 1st hand game at Best Denki, which I would go peek if there any that I want, but it seem like they lessen the stock down there though.

Well, good thing is that there is somewhere got Toy department 2 2 levels right below Best Denki, which I would take a quick peek around.

After some peeking around, need to get a small bite. And this time, the Yolk broke on me. (TT w TT)

I really like Gyudon a lot, though I need to restrict on beef intake due to some personal health issue.

Same go for alcohol, which I used to like drinking. Once in a while is fine, but control is still needed.

The Gyudon still a tasty bite with the chicken meat ball, which I initially though them as small Takoyaki, and do note that I ordered the "Holidan Set".

Did grabbed somethings with my clean hands this round, though I must say it very less.

My imouto did asked me to go grab some melon chocolate for her, and there were some nice tasty bite which I wanna try out.

There is a war funds which I need to give a valid excuse/reason before usage. And Black Rock Shooter wallet will kill me if I overstep that very thin red line.

Despite Summer, I still want to take a bite out of the Sakura Biscuit, which seem not to suit my imouto's taste. I find it not bad though.

As for the Maid Cookie... IT'S JUST TOO CUTE for me to even try to take a bite out of it! But due to the favor being Milk and Maple; my sis and I cannot resist it.

This time, it really one of those cookie which took very long to bite finish; I was enjoying every bites and the cute design on the cookie.

Normally in Summer, one would bite a watermelon or shaved ice. But for me, I don't eat watermelon, and I normally get one ice cube from the freezer and bite on it.

Other than that, drinking more water is important to keep body liquid in check. My lips would dry up very fast when I drink not enough water.

Strangely for me, when I drink one bottle of water one shot, I can sweat a lot which is like not refill my body liquid though.

Well, taking a bite out of Sakura biscuit and enjoying a cup of tea is another option though, normally at tea-break.

It did mentioned on the box; "Please savour it during your moment of relaxation." (*o* |")

As much as I love to stay and chat, my pet role in the house is way a lot; he is like a dorm master, who will warn other of the curfew timing, and the time to sleep.

He is very clever to the point of knowing when to really wake either me or my sis up.

Also, I need to again translate some anime for my dad manually again, since he is taking a break for a short while.

I am a male, so I'd prefer to go to a maid cafe and chat instead, but this time, got some stuffs to do, so seem like I'll be busy for a while.

Now that I think about it, while taking a very small bite out of the Maid Cookie, when was the last time I went to a maid cafe? (*o* |")

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