Friday, June 8, 2012

Cleared off some stuffs

Come across this bag, which is very useful to keep pillows, clothes and spare clothes.

Been searching high and low for this type of bag, until there was a new Japan store down at Lot 1.

As previously, I got too much clothes, and I am going to keep them until later. And I need one bag to keep some of my "pillows".

I am clearing some stuff for my bed for the time being for now.

Of course, keeping them one side, and disposing them is different thing. And I just want to change my pillows once in a while.

I do got some question about how I am going to sleep with so many pillows on my bed, which I still can managed to sleep.

But for now, I want to lessen some clothes on my wardrobe, though it didn't seem like it going any where lesser. But at the less, there are some space.

Though I got recommend by my Imouto that I got clothes than her. (=w= |")

The more reason why I wonder how I got more clothes than her when most of the time she went shopping to get clothes more than me.

Hmm... It's a mystery which I been wondering how....

Another thing to note is that I remove (forced by mother) the two wall scroll, some Feng Shui issue, but the Side is okay, and I decided to lessen the pillows on my bed.

And I am throwing away some old clothes since their materials somehow is failing on me.

The next thing to clear will be my bookshelf, which might go into another re-arrangement, and removing some old stuff again.

But after clearing all this stuff, I think I might want to get some Ben-to for now.

So, do you take some time to clear just a little bit of stuff?
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