Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skip A Beat

Sukippu Bīto!

Alt Name:
Skip Beat! 

Original Author -
Yoshiki Nakamura

Published in Hana to Yume, Hakusensha

Directed by Kiyoko Sayama
Written by Mayori Sekijima
Studio - Hal Film Maker

Manga - Chapter 1 - 187 [Oncoming]
Anime - 25 Episodes
TV Drama - 15 Episode

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Story start with Kyoko Magami, a bright and hardworking girl who work on many different part time jobs to pay off her rent for her apartment with his child hood love, Sho Fuwa.

Someone who strongly believe in the story of Cinderella, and many other fairy tale, she wish to be one day, be dress up like a princess and be taken away with her prince charming, Sho Fuwa.
 Anything that is regarding Sho, Kyoko would go to very much length to get her clean hand on, even poster to even small photo which can be found in the CD which one can buy from.

Which prove on one thing, she one determined person.

Despite all that, what make her different from many other women is her way of living and thinking.
Well, at the cost of the expense between her rental for the expensive apartment which both Sho and Kyoko stay in, and a bit of Sho merchandise which Kyoko got her clean hand on, she couldn't afford to get something which a normal girl would do; Dress-up.

Well even I would try to dress up once in a while, but Kyoko did not, and due to that, she was seem as the obedient one and very gentle due to her past with Sho's parents who own a restaurant.
 But one thing which cause her to change was due to her accident eavesdrop on Sho conversation with his manager.

Well, Sho later in the story got a tongue bite when he saw Kyoko make up, but what make this story very interesting is how strong Kyoko can stand up after each fall, and her willing to do what many other wouldn't expected at all.
Of course, getting into the Show Biz to get her revenge against Sho was no walk in the park, and she need to get a help from one of the personal staff working in the company.

Initially she hate Ren Tsuruga, the top actor in the show biz because of her relationship with Sho, but didn't realized that the company she want to join also hold Ren.
She need to go though the audition, with the president as one of the judge too.

Despite her deep impression on the judges, she still flunk the test, which cause her to a short depression; a fall which many experience.

But even so, her determination still stay strong and she went to the same company whom the president give her one more chance, and to gain back one more emotion which she lost; A loving heart.
What I like about this Manga was because of how the author maker Kyoko seem like a real character, despite all the devil going around.

Well, there was a real life TV Drama made in Taiwan, so no question asked, but still, I really love how the story go by each time the latest chapter come out.
At least I don't need to wait that long than D.Gray Man to be honest.

Not to spoil too much, but still, I been following this Manga for very long since it release to the world, and I sure many had heard of this story, but I still want to share around what Manga I like, even if this is Shojo style.

Well, no harm in reading Manga, but I do like some slice of life type, and this is one of the few Shojo Manga which I really followed.

So, are you ready to give your heart to skip a beat and peek in the world of Skip Beat?
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