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Author - Taguchi Hoshino
Published in Shounen Sirius, Kodansha

Manga - Chapter 1 - 13 [Oncoming]

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Want to have a girl not to leave your side? Or you will be cursed when she cry? Then you might read this for a leisure manga for a while.

Story started with Arahabaki Yasuke, who is seem as a pervert in the first part, but is love with his childhood friend, Inamori Akari.

When they went to Yasuke's house which is a shrine, and found out that his older sister was not at home, it was a very good opportunity for him to confess to his feeling.

Misfortune strike him at the least expected.

While cutting out weed at the main shrine, he accidentally broke a sacred mirror and free a cute a goddess.

Seori Tsuhime, known as Magatsu-Hino-Kami, is a God of Misfortune who attract misfortune whenever she in depressing or crying mode.

There are a few thing to note for Yasuke;-

1. Never leave the goddess side or he will die, meaning if he do not hold on to the goddess like holding hand, then he will die instantly.

2. If he die, the goddess is the only who will revive him by mouth to mouth; easy to understanding, but also very easy for Yasuke to get in trouble because Kissing is a big issue in this Manga.

3. To break the curse, he must find "Happiness" for the goddess; problem is - The goddess get depress or cry very easily.

Despite his older sister, Arahabaki Miyano, being a Shrine Priestess and a hot chick, was unable to assist Yasuke, although she take less than a day to transfer the goddess into Yasuke's class, and fool all the school people into thinking the goddess as their weak cousin.

For a start, finding this as a normal love manga would be a bad idea when I started to read this Manga which I peeked at Batoto.

Love triangle would also not be applied down here, but somehow later it become a square relationship (1 boy / 3 girl).

Of course all the boys want to punch Yasuke for sticking to the girls, which they mistake it as hugging.

I find this Manga Author very good in creating all those Misfortune in the least expecting way, and Misunderstanding as well.

As story continue, I starting to wonder as Yasuke is able to pull it off by bringing the goddess the happiness in order to break the curse though.

As the best to go, is to see what happen next before action on it. Though always led to more Misfortunes and Misunderstanding.

The author really find a good name to the Manga, and very creative on those plot.

I also wonder if Trouble is his middle name in addition to Misfortune.

When Yasuke find those bad things as misfortune, to other it is a blessing, and if you're interested to know why, then you might want to take a peek into the world of Maga-Tsuki.

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